Zero-waste online supermarket GerneOhne launched in Germany

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New online supermarket GerneOhne wants to prove there’s another way to shop for groceries. Since the first of July, customers across Germany can order plastic-free packaged food online and have their groceries delivered to their homes.


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GerneOhne, which translates to ‘Gladly without’, was founded by Eduardo Castaneda, Sergey Gladyshev and Michael Sixl as a zero-waste organic online supermarket with a circular packaging solution.

The startup from Germany uses reusable glasses that return to GerneOhne after use.

The startup from Germany uses reusable glasses that return to GerneOhne after use. And after thorough cleaning the glasses are included in the reusable glass system again, free of charge for customers.

GerneOhne sells products from organic producers

The assortment consists of products that are made by organic producers and the range includes products such as flour, sugar, salt, nuts, pasta, rice, dried fruits and various teas, and is constantly being expanded.

GerneOhne offers free shipping for orders over €69.

Customers that order products with a total value of 69 euros or more won’t need to pay any shipping costs. For all orders below in the feedback section 69 euros, shipping costs are 4.90 euros.

GerneOhne is similar to Pieter Pot

The concept of GerneOhne looks a lot like Pieter Pot, a startup from the Netherlands that also ships all of its products in reusable glasses. That company was founded by Jouri Schoemaker en Martijn Bijmolt in 2019. The two men started delivering orders themselves by bike in Rotterdam. Soon they partnered with PostNL Food to deliver orders all across the Netherlands.

In 2020, the founders announced they were working on a “smart” jar. One that’s lighter, takes less space and is equipped with smart technology. Customers would get a reminder when a product is expired and receive recipes based on their purchases.

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