What’s new at Zapier: January 2022

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Welcome to Zapier’s latest product news. Here’s a quick rundown of all the apps that joined our platform in January, as well as new features that have been added to your favorite integrations. That includes our brand new Reform integration, which also supports Transfer. Let’s get started!

Latest launches


Putting together clean, on-brand forms for your business just got easier. With Reform, you can create forms that render and display instantly and show off your brand. You can also build conditional logic. But the best part? You don’t need any coding skills. Learn more about using Zapier and Reform together here.


Need a more visual way to manage your work? Workflowsoft is a work management solution to automate, manage, and track your business processes. With it, you can build processes with a visual editor, choose urgent things to do in the task list, and boost your team’s productivity.


If you need to build surveys to collect responses from customers, employees, or even businesses, check out Centiment, an app designed to simplify reaction. The platform connects market researchers with survey respondents across 100 countries and comes with advanced tools for profiling respondents and analyzing data.


Want to use SMS to reach your target audience? touchSMS is a simple app you can use to send and receive SMS from any application. With it, you can engage with customers and employees more effectively. Don’t just manage your business conversations, optimize them.


Arbox is a sleek and easy-to-use platform that you can use to manage and grow your small business. With it, you can schedule appointments, communicate with clients, manage payments, and increase your revenue—taking your business to the for you in future level.


Do you work for a nonprofit? EveryAction can help you engage more supporters across more channels to support more programs. The platform comes with donor management, customer communication, and fundraising tools so you can raise more money—and ultimately, do more good.


Boulevard is a business management platform built to empower premium salons and spas. Boulevard comes with powerful scheduling and booking software, POS and payments, client management, and more. Ready to increase your bookings and reduce those no-shows?


get.chat is a WhatsApp Business shared inbox solution for your whole company. With get.chat, you can use WhatsApp on multiple devices and easily integrate WhatsApp Business with other systems like chatbots, CRMs, customer support systems, and more thanks to its open API and plugin system.


Ever need to get your hands on core information from an email you’ve received quickly? Parsio is a no-code email parser that allows you to extract and export valuable data from your emails and documents automatically. That includes data like order information, customer details, payment amounts for orders, types of subscriptions, and more.


Ponto connects your bank accounts to your favorite software, so you can automate the repetitive manual work involved in finances, like invoice reconciliation, the export and import of bank data, paying multiple invoices, and more! By using Ponto, you’ll be able to bridge the gap between the apps you use and your bank accounts, enabling you to spend less time on financial admin.

Latest updates

Integration updates logos on a blue background


Stay on top of your chatbot with these new triggers. You can now trigger workflows whenever your chatbot reaches out to a new website visitor, when a website visitor starts a conversation with your chatbot or ends a conversation, or when a conversation is abandoned in OnceHub.


Need a way to keep track of your Jumpseller products? Thanks to two new actions, you can now easily find a product (returning the full product details) or update a product in Jumpseller.


Zapier’s Orbit integration has a new search action that lets you find a member in your Orbit workspace using their email address, or their Twitter, GitHub, Discord, or LinkedIn username.


It’s a good day for attachments. Our Pandadoc integration lets you create attachments (upload a file as an attachment) and get document attachments (retrieve a list of document attachments). Hurrah.


Want to send a gift card automatically in thanks.io? You can now. This action will send a gift card to a customer using the provided template ID or a body, as well as contact and address information.


BaseLinker’s two new actions mean you can now update a specific order directly in BaseLinker and get an order package (which means get shipment for the selected order). Supercharge your commerce store.

Deadline Funnel

You can now create a custom event in Deadline Funnel, as well as trigger workflows whenever a new ConvertHub subscriber submits a ConvertHub opt-in form or a new custom event has been added to Deadline Funnel. This gives you the ability to manage ConvertHub events in Deadline Funnel through Zapier.


Keep even better track of your events by triggering workflows whenever a new event is added to Circle or whenever a member RSVPs to an event. Alternatively, you can create, update, RSVP to, or remove a member from an event in Circle with four new actions.


Our Trainerize integration just got bigger and better. You can now trigger workflows whenever a product ends (which is when a pay subscription either expires or is canceled). You can also unsubscribe a client from a program whenever workflows are triggered in the other apps you use.

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