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Most people associate forms with unpleasant experiences like going to the dentist. However, compared to filling out a root canal waiver, creating a form in Typeform is actually enjoyable. Its easy-to-use drag-and-drop editor makes it feel more like outlining your thoughts than creating a form.

With Typeform, you can create stunning, engaging forms that feel more like fun than work. You can add still images, GIFs, or full-on videos to include extra content. A pro account allows you to build logic flows that direct people to different questions or content based on previous answers. You can even use calculations along with your form fields to, say, add up the total price of an order.

If you want to build a form directly into your website or app, you can use Typeform.io to create code-based forms and then access responses through Typeform’s API. Combined with the app’s templates, this means developers can also create forms much more quickly while still working with Typeform’s user-friendly form interface.

It’s when someone fills out your form, however, that Typeform really shines. Its UX displays questions one at a time, with fairly large text and buttons, making forms much easier to complete.

From there, it’s easy to find and analyze your form’s results. You can view a spreadsheet-style list of all your form responses or view the data question by question. Typeform also makes it simple to do basic analysis, like determining how often it was filled out on mobile or which answers were more popular.

Typeform’s a great way to both build and fill out forms. Now, if only your dentist would start using it.

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