Starcart raises 1,4 million euros

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Finnish ecommerce startup Starcart has raised 1,4 million euros. With the capital, the company wants to strengthen operations in Finland. Additionally, the comparison service wants to expand across Europe.

Starcart is a startup from Finland. On the ecommerce platform, shoppers can compare prices and shop at different retailers. The company claims to automatically select the store with the fastest shipping and lowest price.

‘Want to be for physical goods’

With the seed capital, Starcart firstly wants to strengthen its operations in home country Finland. In addition, the startup has plans to expand into Europe in 2023.

The startup wants to expand into Europe in 2023.

“We want to do to online shopping what has done to travel,” says founder and CEO Pasi Iola to “Few people go to the websites of hotels and airlines anymore to book trips – they use aggregators. Until now, there haven’t been any aggregators for buying physical goods.”

‘Buying online is getting more difficult’

According to Iola, the customer experience has not evolved much since the early 2000s, while the number of online stores and products has exploded. “Buying online is getting more difficult as now the consumer has to search for products, compare prices and place orders in many different stores,” the founder says.

“The consumer has to search for products, compare prices and place orders in many different stores.”

He adds: “With Starcart, the customer can easily find, buy and order the products they want from many different stores, with one shopping cart and one payment. This makes online shopping as easy as it can possibly be.”

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