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I think most of us understand the value of SEO to a small business. That’s why we do what we do every single day. We want to help them grow and succeed. And by optimizing their website, we’re helping to put them on the path to more customers.

Of course there’s lot of factors that go into building that success. SEO is one great cog in the digital marketing board that has proven benefits.

And even if you and we all realize the perks of being high on search engines, it can be hard to put it into words. Consider this your guide. Below we’ll go through the simple pitch of SEO and help you better explain it’s value to your customers.

The Simple Truth

In the most laymans of terms: SEO helps make your website the most relevant answer to search engines. That’s it. An optimized website shows up high on Google simply because it provides the right answer to a query and is more relevant than other websites in the same area. SEO is the process and the work that makes it relevant. That’s what SEO is all about.

Relevancy and Trust

Ok, we can break it down a little more. But that’s your core explanation. There’s onsite and offsite tasks that go into building relevancy for your website and trust with the search engines. Relevance means a website is the right answer for a query. We build relevance through onsite optimizations in the code of a website, keyword optimization, and high quality content. The trust element comes in through offsite optimizations. Tasks like link building, guest posting, articles and other items that link back to your website.

Why SEO Matters

There are literally over one billion Google searches every single day. That’s a lot of searches. Think about why you search for anything online. You want to gain information. You’re seeking to learn something. Maybe you want to learn about a product. You could be online shopping and looking about the best deal. You might even be trying to learn more about your favorite tv show or actor. Essentially you’re learning.

Now, consider how much research you do. How far down the results page do you go? Probably nothing beyond the 5th position. And rarely on the paid results that say “- Ad” at the top of the page. That’s SEO! Those pages that show up at the top of the organic results, those below the ads, have optimized their website with SEO. These websites have been proven with Google through Relevancy and Trust that they provide the best answer to the search you typed in.

Essentially, if your business website doesn’t show up at the top of the results, that means you’re not getting clicks and new customers aren’t finding your website. And if that wasn’t enough incentive, organic inbound leads that come through your site through SEO convert 8 times higher than outbound lead sourcing. SEO gets your business website ranking in the local section that matters in your community, and the organic section. Essentially, Google becomes your referral machine!

The Problem

Helping your customers understand why they need SEO for their website can be one of the biggest challenges in the entire sales pitch. SEO rarely has measurable ROI to show just how well it can improve their website and their business. There’s KPIs like keyword ranking, Google Analytics, click-thru-rate, and more that can show success for an SEO campaign. And one indicator might show stronger growth than another.

How to Pitch

While we’ve written before about the perfect SEO sales pitch, it’s important to understand the right way to go about selling SEO to your customers. Otherwise you’ll lose them before you even get a chance to explain more about why they need it. There’s three keys to good SEO Sales pitch when they just don’t get it.

Keep it Simple

There’s a very fine line between giving the customer enough information to know that they want SEO for their website, and too much information that just makes it confusing. They may ask a few technical questions, but getting into the deep minutiae off the top can distract from the overall purpose. Understanding SEO is just as simple as knowing that it’s the process of tasks that get you ranking high on Google.

Keep it Relevant

This goes back to our simple example in the beginning. Tie your explanation back to relevance and trust. The work done on your website is to make it relevant to the Google search algorithm. And the work done off the website is to make it a trusted source of information.

Give them a reason

Google is hands down, by far, the number one consumer recommendation engine in the world. When they rank your website on page one, essentially, they’re giving you a good recommendation to the world. Recommendations matter because it means someone trusts you to do a job, and they know you do really well.

Every business wants more referrals. SEO is the referral machine. It helps to get your site where people can find it. Because if Google trusts your site, they likely can as well.

Of course not every sales pitch will close. We wish it did! But if you still need help, every single Partner of Boostability gets the assistance of Sales Support. Our team can join the call as a member of your agency and help talk them through any questions or information they don’t understand. And it’s completely free!

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