Same-day delivery platform Ziticity raises €2.2 million

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Ziticity, a urban logistics platform from Lithuania, has raised 2.2 million euros. The seed equity investment round was led by NordicNinja VC. With the money, the same-day delivery platform wants to expand in Europe.

Currently, Ziticity is only active in France and the Baltics, but after successful piloting, the company is preparing for entering several countries in Europe. The 2.2 million euros should help with these plans.

“The delivery industry is expected to increase dramatically and 2.1 billion people are expected to buy goods online by 2021. On top of that, the current global pandemic changes people’s behavior and habits like how they buy, sell, and eat at an unprecedented rate of change. We believe that Ziticity’s solution is a kind of silver lining approach for the industry and end-users which need to adjust for new normal”, says Tomosaku Sohara, Managing Partner at NordicNinja VC.

Same-day delivery for local businesses

Ziticity, founded in 2017, wants to help local businesses competing with major players such as Amazon and Alibaba, by providing same-day deliveries. Through an on-demand solution, local (online) shops and restaurants can distribute deliveries without the usual distribution centers.

Average delivery time is 42 minutes

According to the Lithuanian company, 60 percent of last-mile deliveries are within a five-kilometer radius from pickup to the drop-off location. These short distances can be bridged using many different ways of transportation such as cars, bicycles and electric scooters. The average delivery time is 42 minutes and couriers are able to complete four to six deliveries per hour.

60 percent of last-mile deliveries are within a five-kilometer radius from pickup to the drop-off location.

Since the launch three years ago, Ziticity has been used by over 2700 companies, including Tele2, Pizza Hut, and the pharmacy network of Euroapotecha. The company has been growing 22 percent month over month since 2017. Revenues increased by 44 percent during Covid-19.

In July of last year, the company raised 315,000 euros to expand further in Europe. Back then, the service was only available in Vilnius and Tallinn.



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