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As anyone who’s ever been waiting on an email will tell you, delivery speed matters—especially when it comes to transactional emails.

It can hurt your brand, for example, for your customer to receive a welcome email two weeks after they’ve signed up for your service. Even more damaging is when a customer has requested a password change but doesn’t receive the email to change it until the for you in future day (Grrr).

Sure, sometimes those emails have ended up in your customer’s spam folder, but that’s also a bad look. To save your customers from hitting refresh on their inbox until they’re apoplectic with rage, you should probably get a decent email delivery service in place.

Ensuring your emails are sent quickly (in seconds) and go where they’re supposed to is exactly what Postmark is all about. At its core, the tool protects your email deliverability for both transactional and promotional emails by routing them through different email infrastructures.

Postmark origins: Zero visibility over email performance

Natalie and Chris Nagele (wife and husband) started working together on Wildbit in the early 2000s. What started as a small web development consultancy would evolve considerably over the for you in future 20 years, building and releasing a number of products.

After the Wildbit team released Beanstalk (an app to deploy code), they came across an unexpected problem. They were sending lots of emails to users but didn’t know if they were being delivered, bouncing, or being marked as spam. They needed a tool that would give them behind-the-scenes visibility over their emails.

Just like that, Postmark was born.

Did you know? While most companies start with a product idea and build a team around it, Wildbit did things a little differently. They first hired a talented team and then started building solid products.

Postmark today: Sending lightning-fast emails

Today, Postmark is a simple email delivery service used by thousands of customers to send transactional emails (think password resets and welcome messages) and marketing emails in bulk (like newsletters, discounts, etc.).

You don’t have to worry about both types of emails not making it into the inbox, as Postmark’s entire business revolves around ensuring speedy email delivery. The app also comes with troubleshooting tools to help you analyze any issues and content-ready, responsive email templates for common transactional messages.

Fave feature: Postmark gives you in-depth insights into every email and recipient, so you know when emails bounce, are delivered, and opened (as well as what links they click on).

Automate your email delivery: Popular Postmark workflows

Unlock even more value out of your customer emails by connecting Postmark with Zapier. That way, you’ll be able to easily automate workflows with other apps you use. Here are a few popular workflows to get you started:

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