Kaufland officially enters the world of ecommerce

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Kaufland officially enters the world of ecommerceKaufland officially enters the world of ecommerce

Next month, Kaufland will officially enter the world of ecommerce. For the first time, the German hypermarket chain will be visible as a new operator on the previous online marketplace of Real, the company it acquired in June last year.

And in mid-April the marketplace will be completely integrated on Kaufland.de. This transformation follows after the acquisition of Real.de by Schwarz Gruppe, a major retail group that owns Lidl and Kaufland. With over 5,000 dealers connected, the online marketplace is one of the largest ecommerce platforms in Germany.

Inspiring all online and offline customers

“The integration on Kaufland.de is the starting shot for us to inspire our stationary retail customers with our online offer while inspiring our marketplace customers with the offers of our Kaufland stores”, Rolf Schumann, CDO at Schwarz Group, explains. “Both worlds will complement each other and thus create real added value for all of our customers.”

Both worlds will complement each other.

Starting somewhere in April, customers will be able to switch more quickly between the stationary and ecommerce offers. Meanwhile, dealers will benefit from a greater reach on the Kaufland website, through which they can develop new customer groups. “As the for you in future step, we are planning to expand customer and dealer services”, Schumann says.

25 million products on Kaufland.de

On Kaufland.de, customers will be able to choose from over 25 million items spread over 5,000 product categories. These products include 300,000 items that are sold directly by Kaufland.

Real.de becomes Kaufland.de.
Real.de becomes Kaufland.de.



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