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We’ve talked on this blog before about how to pitch SEO to your customers. You have to nail your sales pitch, and even have the right kind of customer in order to make your sales pitch successful. But another question we get all the time surrounds HOW to find the right prospects. We know that SEO can benefit all businesses, but it can be more difficult to find the right kind of client for your particular agency and style of doing business.

Think first about how you generate leads right now for your agency. Is it through traditional digital marketing means? Do you search for customers in your area that fit in your desired niche? Maybe you use more traditional marketing tactics? Or perhaps you have a very strong SEO game and customers find you.

There’s nothing wrong with any of those. And even some combination of all of it could really help your agency. But we have a few specific tactics that we’ve shared with our partners over the years. Read on for some ideas on ways to prospect for SEO clients and improve your incoming lead funnels.

Identify a Business on Page 3-11 of Google

We have some partners that only serve law firms. Others focus on little one-man or tiny small businesses that just want more traffic. There’s even some who focus on just medical providers. Whatever your specific customer type or target audience, do a simple Google search. Then go to some of the lower pages. THOSE results that you find are the customers who need SEO services!

Then you might need to good some good ol’ fashioned cold calling. Don’t just go in with a sales pitch. Have some data and talking points around why they need SEO. You can even use Boostability’s Free Website Analysis tool to give you some information about their website and where it’s lacking. This report gives data around competitors, keyword rankings, a website score, and other SEO metrics that can show where a website could use some help.

You don’t necessarily have to use the tool. You can do your own research to see if they have different business directories like Google My Business, Yelp, or a social media presence. You can check to see if their website is mobile friendly. Look up other businesses in that same area competing for the same customers to see how they rank in comparison. There’s dozens of other tools and research methods that can help you.

Create a Video

Video plays such an important role in today’s society. Many people may feel intimidated by video for their business, but it’s a platform that works. Especially in a day where TikTok or live videos seem to be everywhere on the internet, you can do it for your business, for your product, or personalize it for a potential client you want to work with. But here’s the exciting bit, it’s nothing to be intimidated about. At one time, creating a video may have been a huge production. But our phone or web cameras are good enough now that you can just do it yourself.

There are tons of platforms out there that can help you screen capture while you talk about your product. There’s platforms like Vidyard or Loom that you can use online. You can use the platforms built into your device. On your iPhone or Mac computer you have iMovie. Most Windows computers have Windows Movie Maker or a feature within the Photos app. If you want a more professional touch, Adobe offers month-to-month plans of its creative suite which includes Premiere. Do your research online to decide what platform, app, or software is the best fit for you and the clients you want to reach out to.

Optimize Your Own Website

If you’re looking to sell SEO to customers, you first need to make sure that your own website is optimized and ranking high. Organic leads that come through search engines directly to your website convert 8x higher than paid leads. That could be a game changer in the long run! So you first need to make sure you have a good SEO effort for your site so that potential customers can find you when they search for “SEO services” or another keyword specific to your area and business niche.

Beyond your website, make sure your social media channels out other marketing efforts point back to your business as a way for people to get in contact with you. Lead with the value of your company and the SEO product that you offer. If people see value in it, they’re more likely to become customers.

Create a Sales Funnel

For a sales funnel, you have one way in, and one way out. You may have a lot of different marketing efforts that lead people back to your business, but ultimately you need to have a way for them to get in contact with you. That could be a lead form on your website. It could be a good ol’ fashioned call in. There’s no wrong way. Just make sure that as potential customers get in contact with you, they get into that sales funnel where you’re providing them with information that will hopefully turn them into a sale and a new client.

Build on Previous Relationships

Unless your business is brand new, you have past customers. That can be a huge asset to you as you look for new ones. Even if they’re not customers, when you’re prospecting, it’s a great chance to reach out and tell them about your new SEO product that you’re now offering. Ask if they’re interested, or know someone else who might be. Past customers and previous relationships are much easier to have a conversation around than cold calling new prospects.

Prepare Your Pitch

Once you have identified a good lead you want to reach out to, you need to prepare your pitch. You can cold call and tell them about what you found in your research. You can send them an email with your findings. You can use your video that you created to introduce yourself and what you can do for them. That gives it a personal touch. But ultimately, you just need to be prepared for when those leads start to come in. And they will come in.

Do the Work

There’s no silver bullet or magic one-size-fits all solution into finding new SEO customers. You have to do the work in order to do the prospecting. It could be only about an hour per day that could ultimately bring you great success once you find a system that works for you. But you still need to put in the effort to make it happen.

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