How can I get expert Zapier help for my business?

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We’re taking a slightly different approach with this Ask Zapier answer, and taking on some of our frequently asked questions about how to get help setting up Zaps for your business

Small business users often want to know:

  1. Can someone help us create our Zaps?

  2. Can someone help us choose which Zaps to create?

  3. Which apps should our business use to accomplish X, Y and Z goals?

We’re answering this question as part of Ask Zapier, a series where we answer questions submitted by Zapier blog readers and social followers. If you’d like to ask us a question about automation, Zapier, productivity, apps, remote work, or anything else that’s not quite right to send to our support team, scroll to the bottom of this article and enter it in the form.

If you’ve ever wondered how to get additional Zapier help for your business, you can call on our Zapier Experts.

Zapier Experts are certified consultants, freelancers, and agencies that can help your business do more with automation. Our Experts directory will help you find the right Expert to work with.

How to find an Expert

Once you’re in the directory, you can filter Experts based on certain criteria, such as location, budget, services offered, and more. You can browse Expert profiles and read reviews from other users.

A screenshot of the Zapier Expert directory, showing fields for filters like the type of expert, location, budget, services, and software specialization.

If you’re unsure which Expert to contact, fear not! We also have a matchmaking option in our directory. Just tell us the work you need help with, and our team will find you the perfect match.

A screenshot of the Expert Directory with an orange rectangle highlighting the "Connect Me" button you can use to get help finding the right Expert.

How it works

Once you’ve found an Expert you’d like to work with, click on the Contact Partner button on their profile page.

A Zapier Expert profile page with an orange arrow pointing to a blue button that says "contact partner".

You’ll fill out a form with your business and contact information, the services you’re interested in, your budget, and any additional information about your request.

From there, you’ll receive a message from one of our Experts within a few hours. Typically, our Experts will provide a 15-minute consultation at no cost, and will follow up with a quote.

If you end up working with one of our Experts, don’t forget to leave a review on their directory profile! This will help other users make the most informed choice for their business.

Ask Zapier

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