How automation helps a real estate company process more than 500 leads per month

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Managing leads is an important part of running a successful real estate business. Tampa-based Eaton Realty receives leads from potential buyers, sellers, and renters from more than 10 different sources—like Zillow, Hotpads,, their website, and more.

Keeping all of those leads moving from submission to close takes work, and Shawn Eaton, director of operations at Eaton Realty, turned to automation with Zapier to help manage that process.

“In just one month this year Zapier processed over 500 leads,” Shawn said. “That would be my full-time job if not for Zapier.”

The initial challenge: How to get leads from various sources into their communication platform

People contact Eaton Realty for information about buying, selling, and renting. Keeping all those contacts in their ecosystem took a lot of time.

“We needed to distribute those leads to our agents quickly and automatically for timely follow-up,” Shawn said. “We looked at some off-the-shelf solutions, but they were expensive and didn’t do exactly what we wanted.”

Eaton Realty set up Zaps—our word for the workflows you create in Zapier—to manage this work. For example, he used to parse email addresses from all their intake sources, then used Zapier to add the leads to Constant Contact so they could be sent email marketing campaigns to qualify, nurture and convert leads.

To get started more simply, try one of these Zap templates that help you send leads into Constant Contact.

You’ll need a Zapier account to get started. If you don’t have one, you can sign up for free.

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Other ways Eaton Realty uses Zapier

In addition to adding leads to Constant Contact, Eaton Realty relies on automation to notify staff in Slack about rental applications, e-faxes, or emails to a specific service mailbox.

Automation keeps Eaton Realty on track

In real estate, there’s no time to waste.

Zapier helps Eaton Realty manage lead generation and follow-up while maintaining the internal systems that allow team members to work together.

About Eaton Realty: The company started in 2002, at founder Craig Eaton’s home. In the past 18 years, they’ve grown to include 14 Realtors and a property management and support staff of nine, managing more than 185 homes, and working out of an office building they designed and built four years ago.

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