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Welcome to the world of modern work: Hunting down information, sending and re-sending attachments, responding to team members in your work chat, updating a project’s progress, then updating your boss. It’s a constant battle to keep your tools—and your team—in sync.

And, of course, there’s still email to contend with.

Gmelius knows email is probably not going away anytime soon. That’s why they’ve devised a better way to bring all the benefits of the tools you use the most right under one umbrella, inside your Gmail workspace. This allows teams to collaborate, communicate, and automate inside their inbox without adding yet another siloed tool into the mix.

Gmelius origins: Email is overtaken by SaaS

Gmelius was founded in 2016, courtesy of Florian Bersier. As professionals began to leverage email beyond just sending messages (like exchanging documents or collaborating on projects), he realized that email apps weren’t evolving fast enough to support these changing needs. Instead, people had to use multiple tools to get their work done, using email as a starting point.

His solution was this: Gmelius would condense productivity, collaboration, and automation tools into everybody’s inbox. Work would still start in email, but it would also end there.

Did you know? The initial idea for Gmelius originated in a dorm room at Oxford University when Florian Bersier found he needed a better way to collaborate on research projects.

Gmelius today: The workspace that lives inside Gmail

Today, Gmelius has more than 10,000 paid customers including startups and full-on enterprises like JustWorks and Netflix.

At its core, Gmelius is a team collaboration platform to share emails, manage projects, and automate daily workflows right inside Gmail. Think of it as a shared CRM that sits in your inbox. Teams can use it to assign emails to the right people, appoint tickets Kanban-style, add notes, and chat (privately) over how to respond to external emails.

Fave feature: Collision Detection. With it, you can get notified when a teammate is replying to a conversation so you can avoid sending clients double replies or conflicting responses.

Closing the gaps with automation: Popular Gmelius workflows

Still use other tools? No problem. By pairing Gmelius and Zapier, you can connect the tools you use the most and automate specific workflows to free up your time. Here are a few popular workflows to get you started:

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