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These days forms are everywhere. You have to fill out forms at work, the gym, from other businesses, and even for that adult rec soccer league you joined. Well, if you’re going to have to use forms everywhere, at the very least, businesses should try to make them easy, straightforward, and maybe even fun, right?, an online form builder, wants forms to be effortless, not daunting. That way, customers don’t dread filling them out but instead find them quick, easy, and engaging.

You can use to collect new leads, gather insightful customer re-action, take orders, and more. Their intuitive interface makes it easy for you to build the forms you need while keeping the design and format engaging for your audience. origins: Forms that work for all

Headquartered in Estonia, the heart of’s mission is building software that businesses actually want to use. Founded in 2018, wanted to make surveys accessible to everyone regardless of their budget and coding ability.

To meet their goal, the founders built a no-code platform where users could access all of their form features on every plan—even a free one. These included question type, reporting data, design customization, and more. Plus, has been mobile-friendly since day one, allowing for quick mobile transactions.

To make sure their forms meet their customer’s needs, the app has constantly evolved their software based on re-action, a practice they continue today.

Did you know? realized that their customers sometimes needed to collect information only from users in specific areas. They built their geolocation restriction feature to solve this problem. today: Create customizable forms in minutes prides itself on being fast and powerful. Through its simple interface, empowers you to create interactive content in minutes. Keeping their theme of speed, no matter how many responses you receive or how large your form is, you can view the results as soon as they’re submitted. also makes it easy to get your form in front of your audience, so they can start engaging with your content right away. You can embed your form on your website, share it with a link on social, or print a unique QR code for people to scan. Plus, lets you accept payments within their forms—creating a seamless experience where customers don’t have to move to different pages to make a payment.

Favorite feature: forms have four different privacy settings: Private, limited, unlisted, and public. This gives you all the customization options you need to share your form with the right people.

Acceleration through automation: Popular workflows

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