Dutch carrier Brenger launches in West Germany

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Brenger, the Dutch scaleup for sustainable delivery, launches in West Germany. After a pilot in North Rhine-Westphalia last year, Brenger is now available for all western regions. The delivery network expects to execute 5000 transports in Germany in 2022.

Brenger, which was founded in 2016, uses leftover space in delivery trucks for more sustainable deliveries. The scaleup already operates in its home country the Netherlands and Belgium, working with over 1000 partner carriers to deliver for customer-to-customer (C2C) marketplaces and furniture stores.

Available for all western regions

Last year, Brenger started a pilot in North Rhine-Westphalia. As of today it is available for all western regions, ‘from Hannover to Stuttgart’, the press release reads. Some German transport companies already use a so-called auction model, according to Brenger. The scaleup hopes to distinguish itself by up-to-date and transparent pricing for couriers and customers, as well as showing the amount of Co2 saved.

The scaleup hopes to distinguish itself by up-to-date and transparent pricing.

180 million potential transports in Germany

“There is huge growth potential for us in the German market”, CEO and co-founder Derk van der Have says. “It starts with bringing together the supply and demand for sustainable delivery of large products. That means the German couriers and trucks that are already on the road.”

“There is huge growth potential in the German market.”

According to the scaleup, Germany has over 3,6 million registered delivery trucks and more than half a million independent couriers. This comes down to 180 million potential transports, according to Brenger’s market research. The company expects over 5000 transports in Germany in 2022.

‘Step towards further international expansion’

Brenger has been growing fast in the Netherlands. In 2020, over 250 thousand euros was spent by users on the platform. Only last year, the company raised millions of growth capital for product development and international growth.

Brenger aims for 3,6 million transports in Europe by 2025.

Germany is only the beginning, van der Have says: “This is an important milestone for us and a first step towards further international expansion.” Brenger aims for 3,6 million transports in Europe by 2025.

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