Dropshipping startup Sell.xyz raises €1.5 million

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Sell.xyz, a Latvian dropshipping startup for customized products, has raised 1,5 million euros in seed capital. The platform has launched selling apparel, cosmetics and supplements. The company follows in the footsteps of other Latvian print-on-demand services.

Sell.xyz connects online retailers with suppliers to offer personalized products as well as fulfillment services. The dropshipper, which was founded in January of this year, offers integration with common ecommerce software players such as Shopify, WooCommerce and Wix. BigCommerce, Instagram and Etsy are to follow soon.

Cosmetics and supplements in Europe and USA

The Latvian on-demand service has launched selling cosmetics in Europe and the United Kingdom, while supplements are on offer in the United States. In the for you in future few months both lines should be available worldwide, as well as the apparel category.

In the coming months all categories should be available worldwide.

The dropshipping platform says it will be targeting ecommerce stores already using print-on-demand dropshipping that are looking to expand their product range. In addition, influencers and creators developing custom products for their audiences are an important customer base.

‘Remove barriers to launch own cosmetics line’

“I believe that on-demand is the future of retail,” says Reinis Vaivars, founder and CEO of Sell.xyz. “With Sell.xyz we’re unlocking stagnated product categories, like cosmetics, to not only become more sustainably manufactured, but also remove barriers to entry to anyone who wants to launch their own cosmetics line, without the investment, minimum order quantities, stock management, and shipping challenges.”

Sell.xyz wants to bring various custom products to ecommerce entrepreneurs.

Print-on-demand market

The startup is following in the footsteps of other print-on-demand players from Latvia, Printful and Printify. Other competitors include Supliful and Selfnamed for personalized supplements and cosmetics. Sell.xyz says it wants to distinguish itself by expanding the global on-demand offering, ‘to bring custom lines of various different products to ecommerce entrepreneurs.’

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