Direct Link launches in the Netherlands

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Logistics provider Direct Link has announced its launch in the Netherlands. It’s owned by PostNord, which is the Swedish and Danish national post company. DirectLink is globally active, but will now also set up an operations with local personnel in the Netherlands.

Direct Link specializes in customer-specific delivery solutions and the distribution of products over the world. It has operations and local personnel in Sweden, Germany, the UK, Poland, the US, Brazil, Hong Kong, Singapore and China. Now, the company is expanding its operations to the Netherlands.

Gap in Dutch market

Lucas Egenvall
Lucas Egenvall, Commercial Director for Direct Link EMEA Markets.

The logistics company has found a partner in HC Group, a fulfillment provider in the Netherlands. “There is a gap in the Dutch market that that fits our agile profile. This geographic area sees a large part of the imports into the EU, and only a handfull solutions on offer that will live up to the expected customer experience and very few that are willing to customize its services to their customers”, says Lucas Egenvall, Commercial Director for Direct Link EMEA Markets.

The logistics provider expects that its operations in the Netherlands will contribute to a positive EBIT within its first year. On the long term, the company wants to become the market leader for B2C parcels that are imported into the Nordic countries.

The Netherlands as a gateway for Direct Link

“To build on our already existing postal solutions, we will also expand our portfolio with more commercial last mile options in the EU. NL will act as a gateway for Direct Link locally as well as globally and will enable new solutions with crossdocking, warehousing, linehauls and in the end a better customer offering and consumer experience.”

‘We will expand our portfolio with more commercial last mile options in the EU.’

With its offices and operations in several countries, Direct Link is an agile global company that makes it possible for customers to customize their fulfillment. Local exporters with global B2C shipping needs or with goods to the Nordic Market can find suitable solutions with the company, as well as businesses outside of the EU requiring a partner for distribution, warehousing and fulfillment within the EU.

‘Nordic solutions are our specialty’

“We distinguish between postal and commercial shipments. For postal we are the natural, more economical option compared to couriers, and we are suitable for goods up to 2kg. For our commercial solutions to the Nordics and other markets we can in general handle goods up to 35kg. Our Nordic solutions are our specialty in this segment as large parts of the last mile delivery are handled by ourselves with PostNord being our parent company.”

team direct link NL
Team Direct Link in the Netherlands. From left to right: Wim Koelewijn, Anders Lindh, Ramon Camp, Frido Brouwers, Sander van Leeuwen.

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