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Have you ever wanted to re-share an Instagram post directly on Twitter?

Unfortunately, you run into a big problem: Facebook, which owns Instagram, doesn’t make it easy to share content to other social networks—particularly to Twitter. From a business standpoint, this makes sense. Facebook wants to keep content—and the people who want to see it—on its own sites.

So what happens? When you crosspost to Twitter from Instagram it looks ugly and the photo, the most important part of your Instagram content, doesn’t even render.

A screenshot of a tweet by X Promote (@ZapMakers) that has an emoji of a tree followed by a blue instagram hyperlink.
Here’s how it looks when you post from Instagram to Twitter using the default features.

What do bad Tweets like that mean for you?

  1. Your content is less visually engaging 📉

  2. Your fans and followers on Twitter miss out 😥

  3. You waste time and money reformatting posts 💸

You can use automation to get around this, including X Promote, which takes Instagram posts, formats them, and re-shares them to Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest.

No more lousy photo formatting. No more wasted money on overpriced social media scheduling tools. Instead, we automatically take new pictures you share on Instagram and re-post them on your Twitter as a native Tweet.

As someone who has personally spent too much time and money on social media tools, I wanted to create a simple and affordable way to cross-promote your content. X Promote is built entirely on the Zapier platform, so your logins and accounts are saved with an established and trusted vendor.

Promoting your Instagram content across channels automatically saves you time, and using X Promote to properly format images, you will also increase fan engagement—and enjoyment—across your social media platforms.

Which of the two Tweets below in the feedback section do you think is more likely to drive engagement on Twitter? The one that just links out to Instagram or the one that shows the image?

Screenshots of two Tweets from X Promote (@ZapMakers), the first shows an emoji of a tree followed by an Instagram hyperlink. The second shows an emoji of a tree and a camera, the Instagram link, and a large, square photo of a tree.

Get started for free

To get started, all you have to do is head to the X Promote page and create a free account by signing in with your Instagram. By connecting your Instagram, X Promote can detect whenever you make a new post.

From there, simply sign in to the social accounts you’d like to post to, like Twitter, Facebook, and Pinterest.

Every time you make a new post on Instagram, X Promote will auto-magically re-share it across all your social media accounts. 🕺

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