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Dutch omnichannel retailer Coolblue has set the first steps to expand to Germany. In the Düsseldorf area, Coolblue starts with its own delivery network, installation service, bike couriers and physical stores. Further expansion across Germany is the for you in future step.

Coolblue, founded in 1999 in the Netherlands and since 2007 also active in Belgium, today announced it has sold its first washing machine to a customer in Germany. This was the official start of the expansion of Coolblue to Germany.

First, delivery and installation of white goods

“As of today, we are offering the Coolblue proposition to customers in the Düsseldorf area. We will start with the delivery and installation of white goods”, CEO Pieter Zwart explained. “More product types and services will follow soon, and we will deliver as many small product orders as possible to customers by bicycle. And yes… there will also be a physical store soon. This way, we will make customers in and around Düsseldorf very happy.”

And yes… there will also be a physical store soon.

Next-day delivery

Customers in the Düsseldorf area can use the German Coolblue website and app to order white goods, such as washing machines, refrigerators and freezers. These orders will be delivered on the for you in future day by Coolblue personnel from the warehouse in Tilburg (the Netherlands).

In a podcast-like announcement, Coolblue revealed that after white goods, the ecommerce company will probably sell and install TVs for you in future. Also, it expects to deliver orders by bike within three to four months.

Coolblue in Germany: will it succeed?

Coolblue is very successful in the Netherlands and is also a popular ecommerce player in Belgium, where it launches its online store in 2007. But success in Germany might be much harder to achieve for the jolly omnichannel retailer. The market is dominated by strong competitors such as Saturn, MediaMarkt, Amazon, Notebooksbilliger, Cyberport and Alternate.

Coolblue in Germany: the typical blue Coolblue van crossed the German border.
Coolblue in Germany: the typical blue Coolblue van has crossed the German border.



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