Charts: State of AI in Q1 2022

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Artificial intelligence is a branch of computer science that programs machines to think and react like humans. AI is transforming global industries — commerce, healthcare, logistics, and many more.

A new report by CB Insights, “State of AI Global Q1 2022” (PDF), addresses transactions, funding, and exits by private AI companies.

According to the report, global AI funding in Q1 2022 fell by 12% from the previous quarter to $15.1 billion.

Healthcare AI funding in Q1 2022 was $2.5 billion, roughly in line proportionally with the annual 2021 total of $12.4 billion.

According to the CB Insights report, 14 new AI unicorns were “birthed” in Q1 2022. Overall, the U.S. and Asia account for 90% of all worldwide AI unicorns.

The regional AI deal share remained level with previous quarters in Q1 2022.

Statista surveyed organizations worldwide in late 2021 on their use of data and artificial intelligence. The ensuing report, “State of big data/AI adoption in organizations worldwide,” noted that 19% of respondents said their company had developed a data culture. Nearly 56% of respondents replied that data is fueling company innovation.

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