Charts: Ecommerce Share of Global Retail Sales

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It’s no surprise that the ecommerce share of worldwide retail sales has been surging. In July eMarketer estimated that share to reach 19.6% this year, a massive 42% increase from 2019. By 2025 the percentage will be 24.5%, according to eMarketer.

In the U.S., the ecommerce share of retail sales in 2021 will be 15.3%, a slight increase from 14.0% in 2020. But eMarketer projects that percentage to grow to 23.6% in 2025, an extraordinary growth considering 2019 was 11.0%

China Is Dominating Ecommerce” is the title of an article we published earlier this year. Certainly the numbers confirm it. According to eMarketer, China’s retail ecommerce sales in 2021 will be roughly 52% of the worldwide total — larger than the combined totals of the U.S., U.K., Japan, South Korea, Germany, France, India, Canada, and Spain.

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