SEO: WordPress Plugins to Surface Older Posts

Tutorials and tips about eCommerce & Content Marketing. A challenge of optimizing a blog for organic search is that older articles fade into the archives. The result is fewer internal links to that dated content and a gradual loss of rankings. Luckily for WordPress users, there are plugins that facilitate internal links no matter the … Read more

Startup Stockagile raises 2.5 million euros

Some helpful tips on Content & eCommerce Marketing. Spanish software startup Stockagile has raised 2.5 million euros in seed capital. With the funds, the company wants to further develop its omnichannel management software and marketing strategy. The company aims to be a ‘leader in omnichannel sales management in the retail sector’. Stockagile, based in Barcelona, … Read more

Charts: Ecommerce Penetration of Global Retail

Some tips on eCommerce and Content Marketing. Cowen Inc. is a U.S.-based multinational investment bank and financial services company. In May 2022, Cowen’s research team released its fifth annual “US eCommerce Disruption” report, an in-depth study of all U.S. retail sectors. According to Cowen’s model, penetration in key categories such as food and beverage, consumables, … Read more

Fashion platform Glami acquires Stileo

Some helpful advice about eCommerce and Content Marketing. Czech fashion search engine Glami is acquiring Stileo, a fashion ecommerce platform operating in Italy. According to the companies, they generate over 500k monthly orders to partnered shops. Together, the platforms aim to grow to 1 million orders a month. Glami, founded in 2013 in the Czech … Read more

Drive Email Engagement with Embedded Video

Tutorials & tips on Content and eCommerce Marketing. Embedded video in ecommerce email marketing messages engages shoppers, encouraging them to take action. So let this year be when your ecommerce business leaves static-only email imagery behind and inserts video. Video creates an interactive experience that encourages shoppers to open an email and, say, return to … Read more

Klarna raises $800 million, valuation drops lower

Tutorials and tips about Content and eCommerce Marketing. Payment service Klarna has closed 800 million dollars in funding. During the investment round, the company’s valuation dropped even lower with 85 percent. CEO Sebastian Siemiatowski berates ‘the steepest drop in global stock markets in over fifty years’. Swedish payment service provider Klarna is the leading provider … Read more

How to Offer Free Shipping without Going Broke

Some advice on Content and eCommerce Marketing. Offering free shipping with online orders has always attracted customers. Most shoppers have come to expect it. Unfortunately, free shipping can be expensive. Enterprise sellers use scale, warehouse distribution, and logistical prowess to solve the economics. But small and mid-sized businesses are often left with a hard question: … Read more

5 Steps to Prepare Google Ads for 2022 Holidays

Some helpful advice on eCommerce & Content Marketing. We’re halfway into 2022. Now is the time to prepare Google Ads accounts for the upcoming holidays. In this post, I’ll list five steps to generate better results while streamlining management during the busy period. Set Up Enhanced Conversions The benefits of Enhanced Conversions are mainly to … Read more

Ecommerce Product Releases: July 4, 2022

Tutorials and tips on eCommerce & Content Marketing. Here is a list of product releases and updates for early July from companies that offer services to online merchants. There are updates on live stream shopping, sales analytics, social commerce, customer feedback, cross-border payments, and more. Got an ecommerce product release? Email Ecommerce Product Releases … Read more

6 Subscription Ideas to Stabilize Revenue

Some advice about eCommerce & Content Marketing. Plenty of online stores offer flash sales and steep discounts to keep product moving out the door. Both provide quick sales. The downside, however, is lower profit. The subscription model isn’t new to ecommerce, though it’s primarily used by startups and big players. It could be just what … Read more