Charts: Ecommerce in U.S. Grocery Industry

Some helpful tips about eCommerce & Content Marketing. In the coming years, U.S. consumers will increasingly buy their groceries online. That’s according to an April 2022 report by McKinsey & Company titled, “The next horizon for grocery e-commerce: Beyond the pandemic bump.” McKinsey’s research includes surveys of U.S. grocery CEOs, operations executives, and consumers. Those … Read more

German drugstore DM installs pick-up lockers

Tutorials and tips about eCommerce and Content Marketing. Popular German drugstore Drogerie Markt (DM) has announced that it is installing automatic pick-up lockers in its stores. Customers can easily collect online orders at the pick-up stations. It will install the lockers in at least 700 stores. While the drugstore is originally from Germany, it has … Read more

12 Tools to Create Infographics

Some advice about eCommerce and Content Marketing. Consumers love infographics. There are plenty of inexpensive and easy-to-use tools for creating the visuals and enhancing your digital marketing efforts. Here is a list of easy tools to create infographics for little to no cost. You can start with a template, build from scratch, or hire a … Read more

Asos and Boohoo investigated for greenwashing

Tutorials and tips on Content and eCommerce Marketing. Fashion platforms Asos and Boohoo are being investigated by the British Competition and Markets authority regarding greenwashing. Their claims about sustainability may be misleading the public. The CMA says it ‘won’t hesitate to take legal action’. Asos is a leading fashion platform from the United Kingdom, mostly … Read more

5 Content Marketing Ideas for September 2022

Some helpful tips about Content & eCommerce Marketing. If you’re running short on content marketing topics this September, consider back-to-school activities, guides, potatoes, conversions, or the U.S. Constitution. Content marketing is the process of creating, publishing, and promoting articles, videos, podcast episodes, and the like to attract, engage, and retain customers. Done well, it is … Read more

Zalando puts launch in the US on hold

Some advice about eCommerce and Content Marketing. Ecommerce fashion giant Zalando is planning to launch in the US next year. To do so, it will invest at least one hundred million euros. However, current disappointing financial results have put the plan on hold. German online fashion platform Zalando has been secretly working on ‘project Kangaroo’, … Read more

7 Holiday Revenue Generators amid Inflation

Some helpful tips on Content & eCommerce Marketing. Inflation continues to impact merchants and consumers. We’ve addressed reasons for price hikes, which include supply chain disruptions, overall demand, and how rising costs could harm direct-to-consumer brands. Inflation alone may result in record-breaking declines during the 2022 holiday shopping season, especially for essentials and tech-reliant products. … Read more

SEO: 4 Ways to Surface Shopify Pages

Some advice on Content & eCommerce Marketing. Internal linking is one of the best ways to improve organic search rankings by passing link equity across the site and helping search engines (and humans) access deeper pages. Last week I shared internal linking plugins for WordPress. Here’s how to improve interlinking on Shopify. 1. Collections Collections … Read more

FBA Seller, Tired of Storage Fees, Launches 3PL

Some advice on eCommerce and Content Marketing. Amazon has impacted seemingly every segment of the modern economy. Take warehousing, for example. High storage fees at Fulfillment by Amazon forces merchants to seek alternatives, creating opportunities for independent logistics providers. Mark Taylor’s company is a case in point. He’s a former FBA seller who incurred expensive … Read more

AI Tools Streamline Content Marketing and SEO

Some tips about eCommerce and Content Marketing. If a content marketer’s goal is to publish blog posts that rank well on Google, an unrelated pair of artificial-intelligence-powered tools could make the process relatively easier. The aim of content marketing is to attract, engage, and retain customers. It takes many forms, including videos, podcasts, graphics, articles, … Read more