Aldi to launch online bazaar store in Spain

Tutorials and tips on eCommerce & Content Marketing. German discounter Aldi is again expanding its ecommerce division. It has announced that it will launch an online shopping service for non-food products. The service will launch in the next few years. Aldi is well-known for its discount-based product offer. It sells food products, as well as … Read more

Winc CMO on Complexities of Online Wine Sales

Tutorials & tips about eCommerce & Content Marketing. The story of Winc reflects the challenges of selling alcohol online in the U.S. The company produces and sells wine via direct-to-consumer memberships and wholesale to physical retailers. It launched in 2011 as Club W, rebranded to Winc in 2016, adopted in-house-only products, and went public in … Read more

BeCommerce launches trustmark for influencers

Tutorials and tips about eCommerce and Content Marketing. Belgian ecommerce trade association BeCommerce has launched a new trustmark for ads by influencers. The trustmark aims to prevent fraudulent sales on social media. Belgian consumers can now easily check whether an influencer complies with European legislation. Fivefold increase in fraudulent advertisements According to the Belgian Federal … Read more

How to Fix Orphan Pages for SEO

Some helpful advice on eCommerce & Content Marketing. An orphan page has no internal links to it. Most search engine optimization tools mark orphan pages as a critical issue, but it’s not that straightforward. The page may have a legitimate rationale, such as: Serves a specific advertising campaign. Communicates a status message, as in “Thank … Read more

How to Create and Manage 301 Redirects with Shopify

Tutorials & tips on Content and eCommerce Marketing. Roughly 5,000 monthly searches on Google are for “301 redirect Shopify” according to RankIQ. Shopify is among the most popular ecommerce platforms with something like 1.75 million active shops using the platform in 2022. Shopify also makes it easy to work with 301 redirects. 301 Redirects A … Read more

Beerwulf’s marketplace is coming to Europe

Some helpful advice about Content & eCommerce Marketing. Beerwulf, the Heineken-owned online beer retailer, has launched its own marketplace in the Netherlands. Now, third party retailers can sell products on its platform. Beerwulf’s new platform will enter the United Kingdom in 2023, followed by Germany, France and Italy. Beerwulf was founded in 2017 under the … Read more

Turmoil for Chinese Ecommerce and Tech Companies

Some tips on eCommerce & Content Marketing. China exerts a substantial influence on global ecommerce. Much of the focus is on Alibaba, among the largest ecommerce platforms in the world. China President Xi Jinping has tightened regulations on companies in the ecommerce and technology sectors. He has taken the stance that the government must control … Read more

28 Instagram Tools for Ecommerce Marketing

Some advice on eCommerce & Content Marketing. Instagram is among the largest global social networks, with over 200 million commercial accounts and 2 billion monthly active users. It’s an opportunity for businesses to market to new and existing customers, drive engagement, and grow a brand. Here is a list of tools for marketing on Instagram. … Read more

How to Write a Tutorial to Attract Customers

Some helpful advice about eCommerce & Content Marketing. Tutorials are a staple of content marketing and an effective way to attract potential customers. In general, a tutorial is a teaching method dependent on examples. It shows the discrete steps to complete a task. In marketing, tutorials are a form of “help” content — especially within … Read more

Zalando discontinues Zircle

Tutorials & tips on Content and eCommerce Marketing. Online fashion giant Zalando has discontinued its pre-owned online store Zircle. Customers can still access the category pre-owned in Zalando’s own platform if they want to buy second hand items. As of this week, Zircle is no longer accessible. In 2019, German online fashion platform Zalando launched … Read more