About You grows sales but doubles losses

Some advice on Content & eCommerce Marketing. Fashion platform About You has increased revenue to 1.7 billion euros in 2021. At the same time, losses have more than doubled compared to the year before. The company says this is because of growth investments. German fashion retailer About You, which falls under the wings of Otto … Read more

7 Reasons Why Marketing Emails Fail

Tutorials & tips on eCommerce and Content Marketing. Underperforming marketing emails are often an indicator of overall program deterioration. Reductions in clicks, conversions, and revenue are typically symptoms of a larger problem. In this post, I’ll address seven causes of poor email performance and how to fix them. Email Not Reaching Inbox All email marketing … Read more

Klarna raises funds at 30% lower valuation

Tutorials and tips about Content & eCommerce Marketing. Swedish fintech Klarna wants to raise 1 billion dollars (over 900 million euros) from investors. The company is the European market leader for ‘buy now, pay later’ services. However, it has been valued 30 percent lower and has since announced layoffs. Klarna is the ‘buy now, pay … Read more

Charts: Impact of Ukraine War on World Economy

Tutorials & tips on eCommerce and Content Marketing. “World Economic Outlook” is a twice-yearly report by the International Monetary Fund. The April 2022 edition is subtitled “War Sets Back the Global Recovery.” The conflict in Ukraine has generated a humanitarian disaster with economic consequences that will slow down the global economy and elevate inflation. Fuel … Read more

Advertising Trends from Top DTC Brands in 2022

eCom Business tutorials and tips. This article was provided by Practical eCom. Leading direct-to-consumer brands in 2022 invest in advertising at the beginning and end of the buyer’s journey. While ecommerce and consumer brand marketers often start advertising with Meta and Google Ads — the staples of digital performance advertising — these same businesses can … Read more

How to write a statement of work (with template)

Business tutorials and tips. This article was provided by Zapier. As a freelancer, I’ve had my share of client relationships where work ends up falling way out of scope: the project would drag on for too long, or I wouldn’t get the resources I needed to work efficiently. My clients meant well, but we didn’t … Read more