BigBuy expands catalogue with supermarket products

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BigBuy expands catalogue with supermarket products

BigBuy has expanded its dropshipping catalogue with a new product category. Online retailers can now also sell foods and drinks online through the dropshipping platform of BigBuy, giving them the opportunity to start their own online supermarket.

As a dropshipping supplier, BigBuy often expands its catalogue with new products. But now it has launched a whole new product category, and a very interesting one. For starting online retailers it can be hard to find products to sell online, so it’s extra convenient when a dropshipping supplier helps you with this.

The online supermarket is just a click away!

Selling foods and drinks online through BigBuy

Now, as supermarkets are moving more and more towards ecommerce, online retailers can make use of this trend by offering foods and drinks online themselves. “BigBuy now offers a wide and varied range of food, drugstore and perfumery products, as well as pet food, drinks, dairy products, baby food, and more”, BigBuy reaction. “The supermarket is just a click away!”

Online retailers that browse the “supermarket” tag on, will now find over 3,200 different items. From olives and snacks to coffee capsules and wines. “A new category always brings new sales opportunities”, the Spanish dropshipping supplier explains.

How to sell supermarkets items online

Ecommerce companies that want to sell products from the supermarket category and sell through BigBuy’s Multichannel Integration Platform can go to the synchronization step on the business channel configuration and select the food categories and publish again.

If the ecommerce business is synchronized via the API, online retailers should check the synchronization because the new categories and subcategories become available automatically. And online retailers working with CSV or XML files, should check that their script takes the new categories into account.

BigBuy now offers supermarket items for dropshipping.
BigBuy now offers supermarket items for dropshipping.



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