Berlin Brands Group’s sales grew 54% to €335 million

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Berlin Brands Group’s sales grew 54% to €335 millionBerlin Brands Group’s sales grew 54% to €335 million

Berlin Brands Group, which acquires ecommerce brands and Amazon retailers, has had a good year. In 2020, the group’s sales increased by 54 percent to 400 million dollars, which corresponds to 335 million euros. Its profit was in the “mid-double-digit million range”.

The brand group currently sells over 3,000 products through a total of 14 ecommerce brands. The biggest brand in its portfolio is Klarstein. This kitchen appliance retailer accounts for over 50 percent of the group’s sales.

3.4 million items shipped worldwide

Last year, Berlin Brands Group shipped 3.4 million items. That’s 30 percent more than in the year before when it shipped a total of 2.6 million items. In 2020, the company had around 2.8 million customers globally, whose average online shopping cart increased by 18 percent compared to the year.

Berlin Brands Group had 2.8 million customers in 2020.

“Today, we have a team of 100 people using a data, design, and engineering toolbox to rapidly develop new products. This includes designers, engineers and IOT developers”, founder and CEO Peter Chaljawski explains.

Growing organically and through acquisitions

The company says it plans to continue its international growth in 2021. By growing organically and expanding the product range of its brands, as well as inorganically with more acquisitions.

BBG plans to continue its strong international growth in 2021. Organically, with the product range expansion of their brands, as well as inorganically with acquisitions. Since the end of December, BBG has been buying ecommerce brands that fit into its portfolio.

250 million euros spent at acquiring brands by mid 2022

The German company thinks it will have invested a total of 250 million euros in the acquisition of ecommerce brands and Amazon retailers by mid 2022.



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