Swedish Apotekamo raises 2.5 million euros

Tutorials and tips about eCommerce & Content Marketing. Apotekamo, the online pharmacy from Sweden, has raised 2.5 million euros in funding. The company will use the money for geographical expansion, marketing activities and the platform’s logistics solution. The startup wants to become the leading pharmacy in Southeast Europe. Apotekamo is a startup, originally founded in … Read more

60+ Beautiful Geometric & Polygon Background Textures 2022

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Charts: Retail Banking Trends 2022

Some tips about eCommerce and Content Marketing. A July 2022 report from McKinsey & Company addressed the evolution of retail banking from traditional branches to digital alternatives. The report, titled “Best of both worlds: Balancing digital and physical channels in retail banking,” is based on two McKinsey data sets. One, the McKinsey Retail Banking Consumer … Read more

How to Make a Booklet in Word (With an Easy Template)

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Order button Bol.com did not meet requirements

Tutorials and tips on Content & eCommerce Marketing. In a court case, Dutch marketplace Bol.com was told that its order button does not meet European standards. The marketplace needs to make it clear that customers are entering an obligation of payment. This could have consequences for other online stores. Dutch online marketplace Bol.com is one … Read more

40+ Best Fonts for Flyers 2022

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Content Marketing in a World of Creators

Tutorials and tips on Content and eCommerce Marketing. An audience of content-consuming subscribers can grow an ecommerce business. But in a world of content creators, engaging that audience is increasingly competitive. Sales channels for online merchants typically include Google Ads, search engine optimization, email, and social media. Each relies on putting a message in front … Read more

Designing an Online Course or Presentation? Try iSpring Suite

Some advice on Web Design & Wed Development. Have you ever thought of designing an online course or presentation to share with others? What made you stop? If it was not having the knowledge or tools to design an engaging and informational course or presentation, iSpring is the solution. The suite of tools is as … Read more

Otrium 50 million euros in the red

Some tips about Content and eCommerce Marketing. Dutch fashion platform Otrium made considerable losses in the past year. The company is 50 million euros in the red. The year before, losses were at 8.4 million euros. This is mostly due to bonuses as well as further company expansion. Otrium is an online fashion platform founded … Read more

30+ Coffee Bag Mockup Templates (Free & Premium)

Some helpful advice about Web Design & Wed Development. Coffee makes the world go round, so putting your own logo or branding on a bag of coffee seems like a pretty good idea – think of the positive associations for your brand when new and potential customers see your name when they’re reaching for their … Read more