Amazon opens local shop for Germany and Austria

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Amazon opens local shop for Germany and Austria

Amazon is also jumping on the local train. In an effort to offer a more regional shopping experience, Amazon has launched a separate website section where small and medium-sized businesses from Germany and Austria can present their goods on Amazon.

With Amazon Kleine Unternehmen customers can specifically discover products from small and medium-sized enterprises in their region. In Germany, the product range of SMEs can be browsed in the individual federal states, while customers in Austria have the ability to find their favorite stores from across the country.

‘Separate stage for local SMEs more important than ever’

Amazon calls a separate stage for local SMEs currently more important than ever. “A large number of companies had to close their shops several times during the lockdowns, which has posed existential problems for many of them. But the entrepreneurs have made a virtue out of necessity and, with a lot of ingenuity, found new ways to be there for their customers around the clock”, the company reaction in a press release.

85% of turnover through sales abroad

According to the US ecommerce giant, Austrian vendors on Amazon have generated over 85 percent of their sales through sales abroad last year. Currently, more than half of the products sold on Amazon come from small and medium-sized businesses.

Amazon Kleine Unternehmen ("Amazon Small Businesses)
Amazon Kleine Unternehmen (“Amazon Small Businesses)



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