Amazon doubles reach in the Netherlands

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Amazon doubles reach in the NetherlandsAmazon doubles reach in the Netherlands

Last month, Amazon has managed to double its reach in the Netherlands, compared to last year. In November, the US ecommerce giant reached 7.3 million Dutch consumers. This amounts to 45 percent of all online users in the Netherlands.

At the beginning of this year, Amazon reached ‘only’ 3.8 million people that month. Back then, it ended on the 28th place in the Dutch Online Reach Survey by Vinex.

Only major website that grew so fast

Last month, however, it ranked 14th, making it the only major website to have made such a major development in the past year. This jump has, of course, everything to do with the launch of in March.

The improved reach has everything to do with the launch of in March.

After the month of March, the reach of Amazon in the Netherlands increased steadily. Until the summer holidays, the reach was around 5 million and it grew to 6.6 million Dutch people in October. This was also the month in which the ecommerce giant organized the Amazon Prime Days, as they took place on 13 and 14 October this year.

Reach of Coolblue and increased by 1 million

When you compare the development of Amazon’s reach with other major online retailers in the Netherlands, it shows that Coolblue reached 4 million people at the beginning of this year, and 5 million in the past month. And another large Dutch online shop,, showed a similar trend. Its reach grew from 10.6 to 11.6 million Dutch people, making this the largest website in the Netherlands according to Vinex. has the biggest reach in the Netherlands.

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