Adriatic Web Retailer Award 2022 winners revealed

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The winners of the largest competition for online retailers in the Adriatic region were announced yesterday. In total, 361 online stores from Serbia, Slovenia and Croatia entered the competition. The Best Retailer was awarded to Slovenian Bigbang.

The Web Retailer Award show was part of the E-Commerce Jam Conference. It was organized by, which is part of the Heureke Group. It was the eighth edition of the award show, in which large and small online stores from the Adriatic region competed.

Evaluated on two aspects

Stores that wanted to enter the competition had to collect customer surveys. The store were then evaluated on customer satisfaction and technical compliance with European standards. The three online stores with the highest scores in each category were shortlisted as finalists. The finalists were evaluated by an expert committee.

‘The Web Retailer Award provides benefits to both consumers and online retailers.’

“Online stores receive expert and objective suggestions on how to improve the user experience, which will give the customer a positive experience and keep them coming back. It is precisely because of these suggestions that the competition itself helps to raise the e-commerce service to the highest level. The Web Retailer Award is committed to providing benefits to both consumers and online retailers”, said Urban Satler, member of the committee.

Winners most prestigious awards

The biggest winner of the evening was Bigbang, who won the Adriatic Champion Award. Last year, it was also the winner of this award. Below is the list of the winners of the most prestigious regional awards:

Best in Adriatic

People’s Choice,,

Web Challenger,,

Web Champion Award,,

Committee Award,,

Best Loyalty Program

Best Customer Care

Best Payment Experience

Best Delivery Experience

Best Cross-border Shop
GymBeam s.r.o.

Best app of the year

Winners individual categories

Within the individual categories, the best were:


Health & Beauty,,



Consumer Tech,,

Fashion Accessories


Food & Beverage,

Home & Garden & Furniture,,


Specialized Stores and Services,


Healthy Diet & Supplements

Web Shopping Malls,


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