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Human resource management is a difficult job. From managing time off, negotiating salaries, booking meetings across time zones, setting up company retreats, and managing conflict, there’s a lot going on and the potential for things to slip through the cracks.

With Zapier, you can automate your processes. Connect your resource management tools, and you can automate the simple, day-to-day tasks. That frees you up to focus on the things that matter–the people, not the admin work.

Zapier lets you automatically send information from one app to another, helping you reduce manual tasks. Learn more about how Zapier works.

Automate your workflows from recruitment tools

A stack of hundreds (if not thousands) of resumes can be daunting, but with a hopeful person behind each dossier, it’s important to get back to them as soon as possible. That’s why a tool like Zapier can be helpful.

Automate the process around candidate selection and win back more of your time for analyzing and connecting with candidates.

Keep track of team goals

Using Workboard to track your hiring goals? Zapier can keep those goals up to date, so your team will know how your hiring and HR process goals are going.

Organize meeting notes and to-dos from team members

Especially in HR, it’s important to document and write everything down. But the process of transferring notes into actions can be cumbersome.

With a tool like Zapier, you can create tasks for team members in whatever app their team is using from your Evernotes or simply create personal tasks from your note-taking device.

Organize internal databases

Human resources teams have to handle databases with highly sensitive employee information. With information this important, it’s essential that it’s up to date and organized. Make the process easy on yourself with a few Zapier integrations. No need to involve more people, make your computer do the work and know data is accurate and easily accessible.

Make signing documents easy

While ink pens and paper may seem a thing of the past (especially in tech), signatures still hold weight and make business deals real. Simplify the process and automate with signature apps that let you sign documents with digital ink, and modernize this old-world aspect of business.

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