50+ Best Free After Effects Templates 2023

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After Effects is one of the best tools that supercharges the post-production process of video editing. And using After Effects templates is a secret trick most video editors use to make great videos.

If you’re still not using After Effects templates, you’re missing out on some of the best uses of the software. We rounded up some amazing and free templates to show you why.

You don’t always have to look for premium After Effect templates to create amazing videos. Sometimes a simple free After Effects template is enough to make your small personal projects look more professional.

In this post, we share some of the best free After Effect templates for creating all kinds of openers, title scenes, slideshows, and much more. Feel free to download and try them all! (And explore one or two premium files to compare these as well!)

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Explore After Effects Templates

This is a modern and stylish After Effects title template you can use to create an attractive opener for many different types of videos. It features beautiful animations made up of 110 liquid strokes and comes with 9 different title scenes in Full HD resolution.

This After Effects title template features a futuristic animation design that will help capture your audience with a mesmerizing title scene. It’s perfect for making title scenes for digital and entertainment related videos. You can also easily customize the title template as well.

You can create a very professional-looking photo slideshow video using this free After Effects template. It features Polaroid-style photo frame designs and has multiple placeholders for adding many images.

This free After Effects template allows you to easily create a title with a video mask effect. It also features sliding transition animations as well. You can edit the text quite easily.

This After Effects template can be used as a title or opener to create a bold opening scene for your videos. It includes a colorful tagline design with attractive animations.

If you’re looking for inspiration to add a tagline or quote to your videos, this free template will come in handy. It features a simple and quick animation for adding a creative title or tagline.

Use this template kit to add a colorful light leaks overlay to your videos. The templates come in multiple formats, including After Effects, FCPX, and Sony Vegas.

Here we have a real estate promo template that exudes class, and luxury. It’s a versatile, and modern template that can be used to promote your apartments, villas, office spaces, and other real estate properties in the best light possible.

Whether you’re putting together an engagement video, or Valentine’s Day presentation, this elegant looking, and gorgeously designed slideshow template is right up your alley. This freebie is an excellent choice for making your special event all the more special.

Next up we have an eerie After Effects template featuring a range of supernatural and mysterious titles for Halloween. These spooky titles are very easy to use for upcoming events, party invitations, YouTube videos, and presentations.

Check out this clean, and modern opener template for After Effects that’s sure to draw your audience’s attention at a glance. It features text, logo, music, and picture placeholders, and provide you full color control, so you can tweak the template as much or as little as you’d like.

This clean, and minimal logo template can be used for a range of video projects. Whether you need a standalone intro, or want the logo to be incorporated into an already existing video, this template works like magic. Get your hands on it now.

With 20 different title animations to choose from, this free After Effects template kit will help you craft unique titles for many different videos without effort.

A simple and minimal logo reveal template for After Effects. It’s perfect for crafting a quick logo reveal scene for YouTube videos as well as channel trailers.

Standing out on Instagram doesn’t have to cost you a cent thanks to this free range of Instagram Story Templates from Mixkit. Free to download and easy to edit in After Effects, you can make your next Story unforgettable and keep your fans swiping for more! Even better, no attribution or sign up is required when downloading Mixkit’s free and commercially licensed After Effects templates.

This is a quick promo scene template you can use to create a dynamic video to promote products and brands. You can even use it to create opening scenes for various videos such as trailers and YouTube channel intros. The template is available in Full HD and it’s easily customizable.

Slideshows are a great way to combine multiple scenes together to create one great video presentation. With this template, you can create a more colorful and dynamic slideshow for your videos. The template includes 23 media placeholders for adding either video clips or images. It also has 19 text placeholders as well.

This free After Effects template takes opening scenes to the next level with its parallax-style animation. It’s perfect for creating openers for YouTube and social media videos. The template itself features 8 text placeholders and 8 media placeholders you can easily customize using After Effects CS5 or higher. It also includes a logo placeholder.

No need to spend hours crafting title scenes and animations for your videos. This free After Effects template includes 14 different title scenes you can instantly add to your video projects to create modern and stylish titles. All of the title designs are fully customizable. And you can even use them as lower-thirds.

This logo reveal template features a very creative animation. It reveals your brand logo after flipping through a series of photographs of faces with glitching transitions. It’s perfect for creating a logo reveal for a brand that puts people in front of their business or even for a team-based YouTube channel. The template includes placeholders for adding your own photos as well.

Sometimes a quick and short logo reveal is more than enough to give a great start to your videos while showing off your professionalism. This After Effective logo reveal template will help you achieve just that. It features a quick logo stinger in 2 different styles to choose from.

Another modern slideshow template you can easily customize using After Effects to create unique slideshows to showcase images and videos. This template comes with media placeholders that are compatible with both images and videos. It also supports Full HD resolution and lets you customize colors and text however you like.

This free After Effects template comes with a very simple yet creative intro design. It’s perfect for creating a basic logo intro scene for your YouTube and other social media videos.

If you prefer minimal and simple title animations in your videos, this free After Effects template is made just for you. It includes a set of subtle animations and transitions you can use to create your own title scenes for your videos.

A creative After Effects intro template featuring a black and white 2D animation. This template is easily customizable and it’s available in Full HD 60fps. You can even invert colors as well.

This is a mixed bundle of After Effects templates that come with several different assets you can use in your video projects. It includes unique titles scenes, lower thirds, and logo reveals. A total of 9 After Effects templates are included in the pack. All of which can be easily customized to your preference.

Use this free template to create stylish and beautiful rounded titles for your videos. The template includes 9 different styles of title designs that you can easily edit and customize however you like.

This is a free After Effects title template that features a dynamic title design that takes inspiration from retro cinematic styles. It’s easily customizable and you can change its colors and text quite easily.

You can use this free template to create beautiful openers for your videos. The template allows you to reveal your logo using a glitching effect animation. It includes 1 logo and 1 text placeholder.

This is a collection of overlays that feature the popular bokeh effect. They are perfect for adding a unique and professional touch to your videos. The pack includes 35 overlays for free.

Another free logo reveal template. This template features a minimalist design and a simple animation that lets you create a logo stinger with a professional look. The template can be customized to change the colors and backgrounds as well.

A collection of unique space-themed animated backgrounds. This free bundle lets you choose from 19 different space backgrounds to use in your creative videos. Compatible with After Effects, Premiere Pro, and more.

If you’re looking for special effects such as fire, explosions, and smoke to add to your videos, this free bundle will come in handy. It includes 25 different special action elements you can use with After Effects.

Use this free After Effects templates bundle to add unique lower thirds to your videos. It features several different styles of lower thirds designs with a 3D-like look and feel.

If you’re looking for a quick and fast logo reveal scene, this After Effects template is perfect for you. It features an effect that flips to reveal your logo in a very quick manner. The template is fully customizable and comes with placeholders that support both images and videos for the background.

This simple and creative After Effects template is perfect for creating a modern logo reveal scene for your YouTube and social media promo videos. The template features 3 different logo reveal designs with editable text and colors. The smooth and modern look of these effects will certainly make your videos look more professional.

This bundle comes with 16 different After Effects templates. The pack features different types of transition effects you can use to smoothly transition from one scene to another. The effects feature various fade, dissolve, and swipe layouts that will fit in well with social media videos as well as various promo clips.

Just as the name suggests, this After Effects template allows you to apply a split layer effect to create unique transitions between scenes. The effect creates a stylish split screen design that will mesmerize your viewers.

A template kit that allows you to create unique distortion effects like a pro. This After Effects template kit includes 9 different settings for creating various distortion effects including noise, flicker, pixel, and more. You can apply them to your video clips, intro scenes, slideshows, and almost anything you want.

This is a collection of After Effects templates and animated typefaces you can use in your video projects to create unique title scenes and lower thirds. All of the typefaces and templates are free to download and lets you easily customize them as well.

The effects in this pack allow you to make your videos look as if they were shot with handheld cameras. It includes 15 different effects that add realistic shakes to your videos to make them more natural. The presets are available in 4K and HD resolutions.

A simple and very colorful intro scene you can use to create a quick opener for your social media and promo videos. The template features an effect filled with shapes and colors. And it’s easily customizable as well.

This is a basic After Effect template you can use to create outro scenes for your YouTube videos. It includes editable titles and social media icon placeholders. Which you can use to encourage viewers to subscribe to your channel and follow you on social media.

Want to create a text messaging scene for your promo videos and films? Then this template will make the process much easier for you. This free After effects template allows you to create an animated instant messaging scene with editable text and background media placeholders. It’s a must-have for social media video editors.

This is a bundle of lower-third template designs you can use in various videos. The pack includes 24 different lower-third templates that can be easily customized to your preference. The templates are available in 4K resolution as well.

A collection of transition effects featuring modern and attractive designs. This pack includes 20 different transition designs you can use to create creative transitions for various promotional and social media videos. All effects are available in 4K resolution.

Featuring 2 editable text layers and a logo placeholder, this unique intro template allows you to create a stylish opener for your videos with retro vibes. The template is fully customizable and it’s perfect for creating intro scenes for YouTube channels and videos.

This free After Effects template is specifically designed for creating slideshow videos for Instagram. It features a retro-style 8-bit effect that transforms your videos and image slideshows into nostalgic creations. The template comes with a vertical design to fit Instagram layouts as well.

This is a dynamic transition effect that uses letter designs. It allows you to transition from one scene to another using a letter animation effect. The letter features an overlay of the next scene to create a unique transition design unlike any other effect we’ve seen.

Of course, you can never get enough subscribers and likes. This free templates pack allows you to get more people to subscribe to your channel using a quick popup notification effect. It actually includes 3 different designs.

Not sure how to use After Effect templates? Then read this guide to find out how.

After Effects Templates

Our series covers how to use After Effects templates, where to find them, and collects some of our favourite templates for all manner of different uses and scenarios.

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