45+ Startup & Business Proposal PowerPoint Templates 2023

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Presenting a project proposal or startup idea in a slideshow can be a daunting task. But it gets easier when you have the right PowerPoint proposal template at your side.

PowerPoint proposal templates allow you to design more attractive and persuasive slideshows to present your various business proposals, ideas, and projects in your meetings.

In this post, we bring you a collection of startup and business proposal PowerPoint templates, handcrafted by professional designers. All you have to do is download the template, open it in PowerPoint, and copy-paste your own content into the slides. And you’ll have yourself a high-quality PowerPoint presentation within minutes.

This is a professional PowerPoint template you can use to design presentations for modern startups or studios. It includes 30 unique slides featuring editable shapes, vector graphics, image placeholders, and much more. It even comes with a few device mockups as well.

If you’re working on a slideshow for a product launch, this PowerPoint template will come in handy. It comes with 30 slide layouts that are specifically designed for crafting product launch presentations. Each slide can be customized to change fonts, text, images, icons, and anything you want.

Down is a modern PowerPoint template designed for various business presentations. It includes a total of 39 slides that you can edit and resize to your preference. The template also features master slide layouts for adding more slides to your presentations.

This creative and colorful PowerPoint template is perfect for making slideshows for creative brands and businesses. It comes with a set of beautifully designed slides filled with shapes, illustrations, and editable graphics.

This free PowerPoint template features a colorful retro-themed design that’s ideal for making presentations for creative agencies and brands. The template includes 26 unique slide designs with editable text, shapes, and colors.

A very bold and colorful PowerPoint template for designing startup presentations. This template lets you choose from 30 different slides to craft a startup profile, project proposal, and many other types of business presentations.

If you’re working on a project presentation for a creative agency, make sure to download and use this template. It includes 35 unique slide designs you can use to make various slideshows for business presentations.

Bontance is a professional PowerPoint template designed with corporate brands and businesses in mind. This template features a set of clean and minimal slides you can customize however you like. There are 40 slides in the template.

Check out Maverick, a modern and professional presentation format that has been designed with attention to detail, keeping the needs of a startup in mind. It features 35 custom slides, creative infographics, photo, and project galleries, and a range of amazing features.

This minimal and elegant PowerPoint template is a fantastic choice for presenting a project proposal presentation. While the slides are pretty simple and straightforward, they come equipped with tons of charts, maps, and layouts helping you visualize your startup’s growth plans in the form of statistics.

Serione is an excellent business proposal PowerPoint template for startups looking to make an impression on potential investors. It comes with 36 minimal yet eye-catching slides, drag and drop picture placeholders, free fonts, and more.

If you need a PowerPoint template that’s neat, and professional, look no further than this freebie. It offers unlimited color themes, vector objects, and icons, and a range of animated slides that can be fully customized into a winning presentation.

With this template, you can design a PowerPoint slideshow with a minimalist design. It’s perfect for creating casual business proposals and presentations. The template includes 30 slides that you can easily customize to your preference.

This free PowerPoint template allows you to design a beautiful slideshow for presenting your business financial reports and statements. It includes 27 different slide layouts with fully customizable designs.

Your presentations have to be simply perfect when presenting a startup to a group of investors. It could literally make or break your startup. This PowerPoint template will help you avoid taking that risk. It features 40 professionally designed slides and everything you need to create the perfect presentation for a startup proposal.

Minimal presentation designs are more effective for presenting proposals as they highlight the content in a much better way. This PowerPoint template features a similar design with fewer colors and lots of white space. It comes with 20 unique slides. You can use it to create proposals, annual reports, and even pitch decks.

This free PowerPoint proposal template is razor-focused on gaining your clients’ attention and getting them interested in your pitch. It’s a great template that we wholeheartedly recommend you try out for your upcoming presentation.

Working on a project proposal for an agency? Then this PowerPoint template will help you craft an attractive presentation to showcase your project to clients. It features 40 unique slide designs with beautiful colors and shapes. Slides are easily customizable as well.

Whether you’re creating a proposal for a product, a project, or even proposing a new business strategy to your team, this template will help with all those presentations and more. It includes more than 100 clean and simple slide designs with fully editable layouts.

You can use this PowerPoint template to design all kinds of proposal presentations for agencies, corporate brands, businesses, and more. The template includes 30 different slide designs with editable shapes and graphics. It’s compatible with Google Slides as well.

This is a free PowerPoint and Google Slides template you can use to create proposals for your web design and web app projects. It comes with 19 unique slide layouts featuring beautiful graphics and icons.

This free proposal template will help you create slideshows for your graphic design project proposals. It features 23 unique slide layouts with easily editable designs. You can edit it using PowerPoint and Google Slides.

If you’re a web designer or agency trying to convince a client to make a website, this PowerPoint template is a must-have for you. The template includes 40 unique slide layouts you can use to create killer website proposals. It lets you choose from 15 pre-made color schemes and customize each slide to your preference.

This PowerPoint template comes with a very creative and modern design that’s perfect for creating business proposals, project proposals, and pitch decks for both agencies and startups. The template includes 20 unique slides with professional designs.

If you want to create a proposal presentation full of vibrant slides, this colorful PowerPoint template is for you. It includes 33 unique slide layouts filled with color, shapes, and graphics. Of course, you can easily edit each slide to change the colors to your liking as well.

This business proposal PowerPoint template is designed with modern and luxury businesses in mind. It’s ideal for creating proposals for brands in fashion, lifestyle, and interior design. The template is fully customizable and also comes with portfolio slides.

This PowerPoint template is most suitable for creative agencies and small businesses. It comes with a set of creative slides that features a hand-crafted look and feel. The template is available in 5 pre-made color themes and it’s fully customizable to your preference.

If you’re looking for a simple PowerPoint template to create a basic project proposal, this free pitch deck template is perfect for you. It includes 22 unique slides with modern and trendy designs.

Use this free PowerPoint template to present your startup ideas like a pro. It features simple and clean slide designs that give more attention to the content. The template includes 27 slides.

This is a multipurpose business proposal template you can use to create all kinds of proposal presentations for agencies and brands. You can easily edit it using either PowerPoint or Google Slides to change colors, replace images, resize graphics, and much more.

Visuals take an important role in presenting an idea in an entertaining way. This PowerPoint template is designed to help you create more attractive proposals with large images and beautiful colors. The template includes 30 unique slides with editable slides.

You can create a printable business proposal using this PowerPoint template. It comes with a vertical slide design in A4 size. It features a professional design with 25 different slide layouts to choose from. The template is easily customizable to your preference.

This PowerPoint template is made just for creating sales and marketing related proposals. It comes with more than 20 unique slide layouts featuring portfolio slides, product catalog slides, and much more. The template is also available in 5 pre-made color themes.

Another creative PowerPoint template that’s also compatible with Google Slides. This template is ideal for creative agencies and freelancers for making professional project proposals. It includes 20 unique slide layouts with editable vector graphics, image placeholders, and much more.

If you’re a freelancer or an agency working with video productions, this free PowerPoint template will help you craft proposals that attract your clients. It includes 25 unique slides with fully customizable designs.

This free PowerPoint template comes with a set of 18 different slides featuring multipurpose designs. It includes isometric elements, illustrations, and icons to help you create a more entertaining presentation.

Creating your project proposal and business strategy presentations will be quick and easy with this PowerPoint template. It comes with 30 unique slides featuring master slide layouts, free fonts, editable shapes and graphics, and much more.

If you’re looking for a PowerPoint proposal template with a modern design, grab this template and start editing. It lets you choose from 40 different slide designs featuring easily customizable layouts. Use it to create more professional-looking slideshows.

Extra – Business Presentation PowerPoint Template

A clean, sleek, and minimal set of PowerPoint presentation slides can say a lot about your startup or business. The Extra – Business Presentation PowerPoint Template includes 30 different slide options with editable and resizable graphic elements to help you turn this minimal design into something completely custom. It includes master slides for ease of use and is based on free web fonts.

GoMoto – Scooter Motorcycle PowerPoint Template

One of the things that’s great about presentations for startups is that you can have fun with style and color. The GoMoto – Scooter Motorcycle PowerPoint Template features a distinct type of imagery but don’t let that stop you. This template features a bold and fun style with more than 40 slide designs, vector icons, and drag and drop editing. It’s sure to grab the attention of your audience.

Alliey – Business Presentation PowerPoint Template

Charts and graphic elements, including business data and even a SWOT analysis are requested elements when it comes to business PowerPoint presentation templates. Alliey – Business Presentation PowerPoint Template delivers with everything you need to make your startup or business look great. It features a modern color scheme (you can adjust to your brand colors) and 30 multipurpose slides with picture placeholders.

MAHALO – Creative PowerPoint Template

It’s hard not to put a high-design presentation template in a collection like this. MAHALO – Creative PowerPoint Template features bright color, interesting layers, and an almost-brutalist style that will make design startups or businesses want to show off their work. The template includes more than 30 slide options, a free font so you can maintain that look, device mockups, and drag and drop editability.

Just as the name suggests, this PowerPoint template is the perfect choice for presenting your startup plan and concepts to investors. It comes with all the useful slides for showcasing growth projections, marketing plans, business strategy, and much more. The template is available in 7 pre-made color schemes as well.

If you have a great idea for a mobile app, use this template to create a killer proposal and get funding for your app. The template features 30 unique slides with fully editable layouts. You can change images using image placeholders and edit colors to your preference.

A simple and clean pitch deck template you can use to create different types of project proposals. The template comes with animated slides, editable vector graphics, master slide layouts, and much more. It includes 30 different slide layouts.

This colorful project proposal template is completely free to use. It features a set of 28 unique slides filled with colorful shapes, illustrations, and icons. You can edit each slide to match your brand as well.

If you’re making a pitch deck presentation, be sure to check out our best startup pitch deck templates collection.

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