40+ Best MailChimp Email Newsletter Templates (Free + Premium) 2023

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MailChimp is the most popular email marketing software available today. Thanks to its generous free plan, many businesses choose MailChimp to start their email list. But, are you using the best MailChimp template for your newsletter?

If you’re seeing a decline in email opens or click-through rates, the design of your newsletter might be to blame. A properly designed email newsletter can not only improve CTR and email opens but also help generate more sales as well.

In this post, we feature some of the best responsive email newsletter templates you can easily use with MailChimp to create more effective emails to promote your business and products. Plus, a few tips for choosing a MailChimp template to help point you in the right direction!

Top Pick

This is a unique email newsletter template that features a multipurpose design. You can use it to design newsletters for startups, agencies, marketers, bloggers, and much more.

The template is fully compatible with more than 30 popular email clients and it comes in both HTML and PSD formats. You can use it with MailChimp, CampaignMonitor, ActiveCampaign, and many other email marketing software as well.

Why This Is A Top Pick

What makes this template unique is that it comes with 50 different sections and 12 layouts you can mix and match to create highly effective newsletters to promote various brands, products, and businesses.

A great-looking email template is a must-have for eCommerce business newsletters. This MailChimp template will help you send attractive emails every time. It has a modular design with 22 content blocks that you can customize to your preference. The template works with MailChimp, AWeber, Salesforce, and more.

If you’re looking for an email template for sending weekly roundups or product showcase newsletters, this template is perfect for you. It features a great design for showcasing products. And it comes with 11 content modules for easily customizing the design.  It’s ideal for online shops and clothing brands.

Sending birthday wishes to your customers and clients is a great way to engage with your audience on a personal level. This bundle includes many great email templates you can use to send wishes in a professional way. Each template is customizable and you can even include special offers and gift items in them.

This clean and minimalist email template is a great choice for crafting emails for niche online stores and businesses. It has a simple design where you can design personalized emails that engage with your audience. It has 9 modules you can use to design custom emails.

If you’re setting up an email newsletter for a service-based company or an agency, this Mailchimp template is for you. It features multiple modules for promoting your services, clients, and portfolio to attract new clients.

Olivia is a Mailchimp email template for eCommerce businesses and online stores. It has a design with large image placeholders to help promote your products more effectively. The template has 13 modules with Google Fonts integration.

Another email template for eCommerce shops and retail brands. This email has 24 different modules that offer lots of different variations for crafting newsletters to promote your sales, seasonal offers, and new product launches. It’s compatible with all popular email marketing software as well.

This is a multipurpose Mailchimp email template that comes with more than 100 different modules. You’ll have virtually unlimited variations to create emails for all kinds of businesses and promotions. The template comes in MailChimp, Campaign Monitor, and standalone HTML versions.

If you’re looking for the perfect email template to run a promotional campaign this season, this bundle is made just for you. It includes 3 professional email templates for MailChimp. You can customize and use them to promote your seasonal sales and discount promos.

This MailChimp email template is the perfect choice for encouraging your audience to start traveling again, using your travel agency, of course. It features a modern modular design that you can use to add stunning images to attract attention. The template includes 15 different content modules.

Whether you’re using MailChimp, Campaign Monitor, or HubSpot, this template kit supports all your favorite email marketing tools. It features a fully customizable email design with 11 modules you can use to design effective promo emails for various eCommerce brands.

This is a three-in-one email templates bundle that comes with multiple email designs for running promotional email campaigns. Each template features responsive designs that can be customized however you like. They are compatible with MailChimp and many other email marketing platforms.

Promote your Winter holiday sales in style using these beautiful Christmas MailChimp email templates. There are 3 email template designs to choose from and each of them is crafted with eCommerce businesses in mind. The templates are fully responsive and support Campaign Monitor and iContact as well.

This is a multipurpose email template kit that features 10 different modules. You can use it to design emails for fashion brands, clothing shops, lifestyle businesses, beauty product brands, and much more. It’s compatible with MailChimp, AWeber, Constant Contact, and many other email marketing software.

You can use this email template to design newsletters and promo emails for travel-related businesses and agencies. It comes with 20 content modules you can use to design your own custom emails. And it includes the HTML files if you want to edit the code as well.

This email template kit is perfect for designing emails for promoting upcoming events. It includes 3 pre-made templates for making emails for sports, music, and corporate business-related events. It’s compatible with MailChimp and Campaign Monitor.

A must-have bundle of email templates for eCommerce businesses. This email templates pack comes with 6 different template designs you can use to send different types of promotional emails. They feature responsive designs and are easily customizable as well.

Mason is an elegant email newsletter template you can use to create creative emails to promote your blog posts as well as brands and businesses. The template comes in HTML and PSD to allow you to easily edit the design. It also supports multiple email marketing software as well.

This is a bundle of email newsletter templates you can easily customize to create various types of emails, including case studies, marketing emails, blog post roundups, and more. The template comes in HTML and PSD file formats and it supports MailChimp, CampaignMonitor and more as well.

If you’re looking for an email template with a minimal design to craft newsletters for modern startups and businesses, this template is perfect for you. It comes with a responsive and easily customizable layout that’s compatible with all popular email marketing software and email clients.

Liberty is a colorful and creative email newsletter template you can use to design professional newsletters for agencies and marketers. The template features a responsive layout and comes in HTML, PSD, and Sketch files for editing the design of the newsletter.

This email template is most suitable for promoting corporate brands and agencies as it comes with a modern and clean design. It also features a drag and drop modules for editing the layout of the design and customizing the structure. The template is compatible with MailChimp and CampaignMonitor as well.

Fritz is a creative email template that comes with a multipurpose design. The template includes 20 different sections you can easily customize to structure the design to your preference. It also comes with an upload-ready ZIP file for installing the template in MailChimp with just a few clicks.

This is a bundle of email newsletter templates you can use to craft corporate and B2B agency emails. It comes with 8 HTML files featuring newsletters in 4 different color schemes with easily editable and fully responsive design layouts.

This email template is perfect for creating a newsletter for a non-profit organization or a charity. It comes with a beautifully calm design that will help you evoke emotions to make a better impact with your emails. The template is compatible with MailChimp and many other email marketing software as well.

Moka features a beautiful responsive design you can use to create impactful email newsletters for modern startups and businesses. The template supports all popular email clients and email marketing software as well.

A responsive and creative email template that’s most suitable for freelancers and designers for promoting their services and sending newsletters to followers. This template features multiple sections you can easily edit to create your own layouts as well.

This is a set of email templates that comes with multiple sections for creating newsletters for various purposes. You can easily mix and rearrange the sections to create unique email layouts as well. The template comes in HTML and PSD file formats.

Another effective email newsletter template designed for eCommerce businesses and brands. This template is perfect for promoting product catalogs and seasonal sales as well. It’s compatible with MailChimp and CampaignMonitor.

Free MailChimp Templates

This free email template is perfect for designing professional-looking emails for businesses and corporate brands on a budget. The template is fully customizable and compatible with MailChimp, Campaign Monitor, and other email software.

A simple and free email template for promoting your online business. This template is most suitable for designing a welcome email or a basic newsletter for corporate brands or small businesses.

A fully responsive HTML email template you can use in MailChimp. You can use it to design high-quality emails for promoting real estate agencies while showcasing properties.

This free email template is compatible with most modern email marketing software and it’s ideal for making a simple email newsletter for a corporate business or agency.

Passion is a modern email newsletter template featuring multiple sections you can use to promote your brand and business. It’s free to download and use.

This free email template is most suitable for making newsletters and emails for educational establishments and kid’s related businesses.

Promote your eCommerce business or shop using this free newsletter template. It features a minimal and clean design.

Stories is a modern free MailChimp email template featuring a creative design. You can also customize the design quite easily as well.

This free email template is perfect for promoting travel agencies and services. It’s easily customizable and features a beautiful design as well.

5 Tips for Choosing a Responsive MailChimp Template

Follow these tips when choosing and customizing your MailChimp newsletter templates.

1. Effective Header Design

The header section is the most important part of the email newsletter. This is where you include a title and a subheading to describe what your email is all about as well a pretty header image to capture the reader’s attention.

A well-crafted header design is the key to influencing the reader to keep scrolling down to read the rest of the email and eventually to get them to click on the call to action buttons. Look for a template with a simple and clean header featuring space for a header image and title placement.

2. Proper CTA Placement

In order to convert your email readers into customers and sales, you need to include links and buy buttons in your emails. These are called call to actions (CTA). Make sure your email design has CTA placements in the right places to encourage readers to visit your website or buy a product.

3. Space for Images and Icons

While including lots of images in an email can slow down loading times and annoy readers, adding a few images or icons is actually a great tactic to get readers’ attention. Especially when writing newsletters, you have to keep descriptions short. It’s easier to show a product image than to describe it with a long paragraph.

See if your email template has image placeholders for easily placing your images in the newsletter.

4. Customizable Design

Of course, one of the benefits of using email templates is that you can edit them and customize the design to your preference. As long as you pick up a template that supports editing, you’ll be able to change its colors and fonts to match your branding.

5. Responsive Layout

Your email template also needs to be fully responsive in order to serve readers who use various types of devices with different resolutions. It’s important to use a mobile-friendly newsletter design that looks great on all sizes of device screens.

For more inspiration, check out our best modern email templates collection.

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