40+ Best DaVinci Resolve Templates 2023 (Free & Pro)

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DaVinci Resolve is the go-to video editing software for most professionals. High-quality editing tools, color correction, audio post-production tools, and the ability to use the software for free convinced more people to switch to DaVinci Resolve.

Now, there’s one more reason to use DaVinci Resolve— templates! Thanks to its massive growth, the community around the software doubled in size. With it came more professional-quality templates for you to use in your projects.

In this post, we showcase some of the best DaVinci Resolve templates we’ve found. There are templates for everything from creating intro scenes to adding lower-thirds, titles, and much more.

Check out the templates below, download them all (there are free ones in there), and experience the magic of DaVinci Resolve.

Whether you’re working on a new YouTube video or a social media promo video, you’ll need a killer opener to get the attention of the audience. This logo opener template will help you achieve that goal. It features 9 media placeholders with 5 text layers that you can easily customize to create a stylish opening scene in DaVinci Resolve.

Creating the perfect intro sequence for a video can be tough. With this intro template, you’ll be able to get a head start on your project. It gives you a professionally crafted layout with media and text placeholders to create a trendy intro scene for various types of videos.

With 20 text placeholders and 9 media placeholders, this DaVinci Resolve Intro template allows you to create a modern and stylish intro scene for your videos without effort. It’s perfect for all kinds of lifestyle and creative films and promo videos as well.

Trap action opener is a unique DaVinci Resolve template that features a very professional design. It includes an upbeat transition animation that will fit in perfectly with sports and fitness videos. The template is fully customizable and it comes with 17 text and 17 media placeholders.

If you’re working on a showcase video for a conference or promo video for an event, this DaVinci Resolve template will help you design a modern slideshow video in just a few steps. The template features multiple slide designs with different animations and layouts. You can mix and match to create your own unique slideshow videos.

Add a simple, minimal, and clean title to your creative videos using this free DaVinci Resolve template. It’s easily customizable and you can edit the text and background to your preference as well.

If you want to add modern and trendy titles to your YouTube videos and business videos, this DaVinci Resolve templates pack is for you. It includes multiple title designs with unique designs. They are available in 4K resolution.

Multiscreen or split-screen frames is a commonly used effect in videos to showcase multiple scenes in one frame. With this DaVinci Resolve template, you can create those effects without effort. There are 7 split-screen templates in this bundle.

This bundle of DaVinci Resolve templates will give you more than enough transitions to last a lifetime of video editing. There are 300 different transitions in the collection featuring 11 categories. The transitions are available in up to 8K resolution.

Use this DaVinci Resolve template when uploading your podcasts to YouTube or social media platforms in video formats. It adds a cool audio visualization effect to make your podcast videos look more interesting.

This is a free DaVinci Resolve template that features a simple design. You can use it to make both logo reveals or openers for your videos. The template includes 8 media placeholders and 6 text placeholders.

This bundle of DaVinci Resolve transitions will help add a nostalgic effect to your videos. It includes 40 different transitions featuring film burn effects. There are 20 smooth and 20 dynamic transitions in the bundle.

You can add minimalist and cool-looking titles for your videos with this collection of DaVinci Resolve title templates. There are many different styles of title layouts in this pack with trendy designs for you to choose from.

Make your holiday-themed videos look extra festive with this DaVinci Resolve LUTs pack. These LUTs are designed to add a magical and warm filter to your videos. They will instantly transform your everyday videos into a masterpiece.

The colorful and creative design of these logo reveal templates makes them the perfect choice for all kinds of kids-themed videos. It features colorful cartoon-style effects for making attractive openers for various videos.

You can use this DaVinci Resolve template to create simple but attractive Instagram story videos. It’s especially great for promoting products and events. The template is free to use.

This DaVinci Resolve template features a modern and energetic slideshow design that you can use to craft intros and promos for various business and corporate videos. You can also customize the template to change text and colors as well.

If you’re a fan of experimenting with different types of transition effects in DaVinci Resolve, this bundle is a must-have for you. It includes more than 170 different transition effects in 18 different categories you can use in your video projects.

A bundle of DaVinci Resolve templates designed specifically for travel vlogs and promo videos. It includes a complete collection of titles, intros, backgrounds, transitions, and more for creating professional videos related to travel and tourism.

With this collection, you can make explosive videos for YouTube and social media by adding cool fiery transition effects or smoke effects. The 2D transitions in this pack are perfect for creative and educational videos as well as for production promos and intro scenes.

This is a free DaVinci Resolve template you can use to craft a simple Instagram story video to promote a product. It features a simple drop-in shape animation with a video mask.

You can use this free DaVinci Resolve template to add a simple lower third to your YouTube videos. The template features a subtle animation to add more style as well.

If you want to add a bit of upbeat urban vibe to your videos, this DaVinci Resolve template is the perfect choice for you. It will allow you to easily create a stylish opener for lifestyle, fashion, and modern business videos in just a few minutes. The template can be customized to change colors, media, and text.

With this DaVinci Resolve template, you can create a modern slideshow presentation video for businesses. It features a simple mosaic transition animation with various effect styles. The template is simply perfect for corporate event and promo videos.

A big bold title scene is a must-have for every video for instantly grabbing the attention of your viewer. With this collection of typography templates, you won’t have trouble getting that job done. It includes various styles of modern typography designs with cool effects. You can easily add them to your own videos using DaVinci Resolve.

Create an energetic showreel opener for your videos using this modern DaVinci Resolve template. It features a stylish slideshow design with 34 media placeholders for adding videos and images. The template is easily customizable to your preference.

If you want to create a simple photo slideshow video, this DaVinci Resolve template will come in handy. It comes with a simple square photo design similar to Instagram posts. The template is also very easy to customize as it lets you drag and drop your photos to the layout.

Using this DaVinci Resolve template, you can promote your YouTube channel in your videos by adding a subscribe box. The template features an animated subscribe button as well.

This is a simple transition effect you can use when producing videos in DaVinci Resolve. It features a fast twist effect that’s suitable for various professional videos.

You can use this trendy video template to create a dynamic slideshow with different styles of attractive effects. The template comes with multiple media and text placeholders that you can easily edit however you like. And it works without any additional plugins.

This opener is perfect for various promo and creative videos. It’s especially suitable for motivational and upbeat YouTube videos. The template features a creative slideshow design with several text and media placeholders for easily adding your own content to the layout.

If you’re working on a photo album video, this DaVinci Resolve template will allow you to add a vintage-themed effect to your video. It also features several transition effects to give your photo slideshows a more professional look and feel.

This DaVinci Resolve video template is made with corporate brands and businesses in mind. It allows you to create a promo video to showcase an event or conference using a modern slideshow design. The template includes editable text layers and media placeholders.

The endscreen section in YouTube videos is a useful feature that allows you to promote your other videos to viewers. Of course, the design of this endscreen is also important. With this DaVinci Resolve template kit, you can create a stylishly animated endscreen for your own YouTube channel.

Another free DaVinci Resolve template featuring a simple transition effect. This effect is most suitable for YouTube films and videos as it has a subtle vertical split effect.

Add callouts to your product promo and showcase videos using this free template. It features a simple design with quick fade-in and fade-out animations.

This title pack for DaVinci Resolve is perfect for documentary and film projects. It features modern and minimal title designs with subtle animations that will add a professional look to your videos.

Creating a wedding photo album video will be a walk in the park when you have this DaVinci Resolve template at your side. It features a beautiful slideshow design with creative animation effects and transitions. The template is also easy to customize as it comes with text and media placeholders.

With this collection of transition effects, you’ll be able to add cool animated FX transitions between clips. It includes many different liquid-style transition effects that are great for creative video projects.

You can use this bundle of title templates to easily add bold titles to your videos. This DaVinci Resolve templates collection includes various styles of titles with different animations. They will go along great with all kinds of business, creative, and professional videos.

If you’re working on a promo video for a real estate business, this DaVinci Resolve template will help you add a section to showcase properties in a professional way. The template is easily customizable and comes in Full HD resolution.

Grab this opener template to add creative intro scenes for your YouTube and promo videos. The DaVinci Resolve template includes several different styles of brush animations and transition effects.

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