4 ways to automate Gravity Forms with Zapier

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Gravity Forms makes it easy to spin up tailored contact forms for WordPress sites. In minutes, you can configure the options you need, embed a form on your site, and start getting form submissions.

But Gravity Forms has its limitations as a lead-cultivation tool. Gravity Forms users want to be able to seamlessly capture leads on their sites, but the value of those leads will decay over time if they’re stuck in Gravity Forms.

With Zapier and a few of these Gravity Forms integrations, you can automatically send form submissions to spreadsheets to track leads, customer relationship tools to manage leads, and lead cultivation apps to convert leads.

Track Gravity Forms submissions

The primary reason you set up a tool like Gravity Forms is to make data collection easy. Without a form submission tool, you’re stuck using a business email address. That means each prospect is manually emailing you, and each email could range from too little information to far too much. On top of that, sorting through each email is a slow, tedious process.

The hands-off nature of form submissions is one of the greatest benefits of using forms. With forms, you can tell prospects exactly what information you need and then sort it by field. Why, then, does it have to become hands-on once the form submissions start flowing in?

Instead, use Zapier to automatically track your Gravity Forms submissions. With these Zaps, you can automatically upload form submissions to your favorite cloud-based storage tools. This makes it easy to sort through the information you receive and offer your entire team easy access.

To get a big-picture view of your Gravity Forms submissions, Zapier can also automatically send form submissions to a spreadsheet. These Zaps will enable you to keep all of the submissions in one place and reference them all at a glance.

Send leads to your CRM of choice

These form submissions first appear as a data-entry problem. Before you use a form tool, you’re stuck sorting through emails. Even after you implement some automation, you can still feel stuck with a whole bunch of form submissions. All together, this data can seem impenetrable and hard to use.

That’s where Zapier comes in.

These form submissions are ultimately prospects, which means you need to get these leads out of Gravity Forms and into a lead-management tool as soon as possible. The sooner they go from anonymous form submissions into relationships you can manage, the faster you’ll turn prospects into customers.

Use these Zaps to automatically add new leads to HubSpot.

Use these Zaps to automatically add new leads to Salesforce.

If you aren’t using a customer relationship management (CRM) app or aren’t using it at this stage in the lead-cultivation process, Zapier can also integrate Gravity Forms with wherever you keep your contacts. Use these Zaps to automatically update your contact lists with new leads from Gravity Forms.

Seamlessly follow up with leads

Follow-ups are more effective when they’re swift.

One of the best ways to impress your prospects is to get back to them quickly, all the while showing you read their form submission and carefully considered the information they input.

Your prospects are likely shopping around. With Zapier and a handful of Gravity Forms integrations, you can ensure that you’re the first to respond.

Use these Zaps to get emails whenever someone fills out a form, so you can follow up as soon as possible.

If you have a field in your form for setting up a meeting, you can use these Zaps to automatically create new events in your calendar when a prospect wants to meet.

Sometimes, your prospects will show interest but will not be ready to make the purchase. Don’t rush them, but don’t forget about them, either. Instead, use a newsletter or an email marketing drip campaign to gradually feed them information they can read asynchronously.

Zapier makes that asynchronous marketing even easier. Use these Zaps to automatically add interested prospects to your newsletter and email marketing campaigns.

Use forms to kick off your work

All this communication and contact management is setting the stage for the real work: Converting interest into purchases.

Gravity Forms makes it easy to gather information, but without automation, it’s hard to act on it. With Zapier, you can automatically start your work, informed by whatever information your prospects left in their form submissions.

Use these Zaps to automatically add form data to your project management apps.

Keep your team in the loop on these burgeoning projects. Use these Zaps to automatically message your team on Slack and SMS when new prospects submit forms.

Gravity Forms integrations make lead generation easier

You’ve put a lot of effort into your lead-generation campaigns. It’s going to take even more effort to cultivate those leads and take them from curiosity to conversion.

Use Zapier to make as many of those steps as automated as possible. You don’t need to spend any of your precious time copying and pasting form data into CRMs, newsletter tools, or project management tools. With Zapier, your data is automatically funneled where it should be so you can focus your attention on the tasks that need it most.

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