35+ Best Food & Product Packaging Templates in 2023

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Product packaging design is not just about making a container for a product. It’s also about persuasion and creating a positive experience.

That’s exactly why you can’t learn packaging design by watching few a YouTube videos. There are certain guidelines and standards you need to follow. So if you’re looking to design packaging for a product, it’s best to leave it to the professionals. Or, you could use templates.

In this post, we feature a set of packaging templates for various types of products. They are designed by professionals so you won’t have to hire someone else for the job.

Also, remember that you can customize these templates however you like. A packaging template for a coffee brand can be used to create a cookie packaging design if you want to.

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Check out all the templates below and see for yourself.

This juice can packaging design is made with orange-flavored drinks in mind but you can easily customize it to craft packaging designs for various other drinks. The design comes in Adobe Illustrator file format with organized layers, scalable vectors, and fully editable text, shapes, and designs.

You can use this packaging design to make snack bags and pouch designs for various types of products like chips, crackers, and even biscuits. The template features customizable text, background, and colors. You can edit the file using Adobe Illustrator.

Use this design to make a beautiful packaging design for chocolate chip cookies or any other type of cookie product. It comes in AI and EPS file formats with organized layers and scalable layout. You can edit, customize, and resize it however you like.

A simple and clean packaging design template for noodle products. It’s designed in a way to highlight your product above its dark background. You can also change the colors and background to fit your branding.

This free packaging design is great for making a simple snack pouch or chocolate bag design. It features a bright and colorful design with editable elements. You can customize this template using Illustrator.

A beautiful label design you can use for a tomato sauce brand. This label comes with a very flexible layout where you can edit text, replace images, and resize the design however you like. It also comes in AI and EPS formats.

A simple packaging box design for a cheese product. This box design includes all sides of the packaging and allows you to change its colors, fonts, and size to your preference. The template is great for many other types of food products.

This carton box packaging template is made for mango juice drinks. However, you can edit the template with Illustrator to change the images and colors to make packaging designs for all kinds of drinks.

You can use this template to make a simple and beautiful packaging design for a honey brand or product. It comes in AI and EPS formats with organized layers, scalable vector elements, and more.

This free packaging box bundle includes 3 beautiful herbal tea packaging designs. And it includes matching tea bag templates as well. You can edit this template using Adobe Illustrator.

If you want to create a complete packaging design for a milk product, this template kit will come in handy. It features a clean and modern design that will instantly grab the attention of the customers. There are templates for both milk bottle labels and cartons as well.

Supplement bags come in all shapes and sizes. This template will fit them all as you can easily scale it to any size you want. The template comes in AI, EPS, and PSD file formats. And it features changeable colors, backgrounds, and text. You can create a unique packaging design by adding your own creativity with this template.

Most premium coffee packaging designs feature minimal and simple designs. This template follows that same concept, except it does it 10X better. The clean and elegant packaging design is the perfect choice for a high-end coffee brand. And it comes with a matching coffee cup label template as well.

This is a multipurpose food packaging template you can use to design packaging for various types of snacks and food. You can easily edit the template using Photoshop or Illustrator to change colors and backgrounds. All of the layers are neatly organized so it’s much easier to customize.

A snack packaging template that’s ideal for fun snack food like chips and bites. The template comes in multiple file formats, including AI and PSD. You can also change its fonts, colors, and scale vector shapes without losing its quality.

This beautiful packaging template is designed with unique tea brands in mind. The creative tropical-themed design will surely make products stand out. The template comes in EPS format and it’s easily customizable.

This free packaging template will help you design an attractive packaging design for a cleaning or disinfectant product. The template is available in EPS file format.

This is the perfect packaging design template for a cookie brand or healthy snack. It features just the right combination of colors, shapes, and clear text without clutter. The template is easily scalable and you can customize it using Adobe Illustrator.

The clean and attractive design of this packaging template makes it a great choice for a snack product like chips or crisps. The template comes in multiple file formats so you’ll be able to customize it using Illustrator and Photoshop. The template also features organized layers as well as editable colors, backgrounds, and textures.

This template is a great example of how to design a drink can that attracts your audience. The colorful shapes, images, and content arrangement are simply perfect in this design. You can use it to design packaging for various drink and juice products. The template is available in AI and EPS file formats.

If you’re looking for a coffee packaging design with a unique approach, this template is worth downloading. It comes with a unique design that takes inspiration from African cultures. You can use the template for coffee, cookies, chocolate, and many other types of product packaging.

A simple yet effective tea box packaging template for organic or green tea products. This template has a classic tea box design that will help make your brand feel familiar and build trust. You can customize the template using Adobe Illustrator to change the text and images.

This is a set of free packaging templates that features designs for coffee, pistachio, and cocoa. Of course, you can customize it to showcase other types of products as well. The template is free to use with author attribution.

You can use this free packaging template to design a trendy coffee package design. It comes in EPS file format with a fully customizable layout. This template is also free to use but requires author attribution.

A great packaging design template for oatmeal or even for a breakfast food product. This template is easily customizable. It also comes in AI and EPS file formats with organized layers. You can scale and resize the design to your preference as well.

Use this template to craft coffee packaging designs with a modern approach. This template comes with a dark theme that better highlights the labels and text. It’s most suitable for a premium coffee or tea brand. The template comes in AI, EPS, and PSD file formats.

This template will help you design attractive packaging for protein and snack bars. It features an easily editable design where you can customize the text and change images however you like using Adobe Illustrator.

Even though this packaging design is made with juice products in mind, you could easily edit it to create packaging designs for various other drinks and even for milk cartons. The template is available in editable EPS and Illustrator file formats.

This packaging design is perfect for a premium coffee brand as it comes with an elegant and high-end design. It features a subtle look with classy colors, which you can change to any color you like. The template also has image placeholders so you can add your own images without effort. It’s customizable with Illustrator and Photoshop.

A simple and clean packaging design for a chocolate bar. This template comes in 3 designs for different chocolate flavors. It’s free to download and use. But don’t forget to attribute its author.

Use this free coffee packaging template to design a beautiful bag for a premium quality coffee product. The template comes in editable EPS file format and you can customize the design to your preference.

You can craft a tasty packaging design for a chocolate bar with the help of this beautiful packaging template. It features both sides of the design. And the template is easily scalable so you can design packaging for any size of a chocolate bar or even wrapping.

This adorable packaging design is made specifically for pet food brands. The template can be fully customized with Adobe Illustrator to change images, fonts, and colors.

Another premium coffee product packaging template. This one features an attractive and bold design featuring plenty of colors. The template is available in AI and EPS formats and it includes a coffee cup label template as well.

Whether it’s cookies or biscuits, this packaging design comes with the perfect layout for showcasing your product and grabbing the attention of the customers. The template is easily customizable and comes in AI and EPS file formats.

You can design a packaging box for various food products using this simple template. It features editable layers and changeable colors. And you can scale and resize the design however you like.

Use this modern packaging template to craft attractive packaging for cookies and biscuits. The template can be customized with Adobe Illustrator and features organized layers for easy editing.

You’ll need a good mockup to showcase your designs to clients too. Make sure to grab one from our best food and drink packaging mockups collection.

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