30+ Best Instagram Frame Templates (Custom Frame PNGs) 2023

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Frames are one of the creative elements that have the power to make any design look better. The way a frame brings more focus to your content is what makes them more effective.

We’re not just talking about the wooden frames you use for portrait photos, frames are effective for digital designs as well. You may have noticed this new trend on Instagram where users add a stylish frame to their posts to highlight the content.

Using Instagram frames is a very effective way to make your posts stand out from the crowd and to bring more attention to your products. Many brands and influencers have been using this design strategy to their advantage.

With the help of Instagram frame templates, you can also create such beautiful posts without an effort or design experience. Have a look at our handpicked collection below to find an Instagram frame for your channel.

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If you’re a fan of the classic analog film photo frames, then this bundle of Instagram frames is perfect for you. It includes 30 different styles of film frames that are available as PNG files. You can easily add them as an overlay on your photos to create a nice Instagram post with a frame.

This collection of frames features simple white frames that are similar to the Polaroid-style photo booth frames. They are available in high-resolution PNG format and they will work with any photo editing software.

If you share lots of quote posts on your Instagram page, these post templates will help you design more attractive quotes with beautiful designs. There are 18 Instagram post templates in this bundle, each featuring stylish frames with earthy tones.

A collection of simple white frame templates for Instagram. They are ideal for creating a Polaroid-style look in your posts. You can choose from 10 different styles of frames in this collection. They are all available in PNG format.

This is a set of free Instagram story templates that feature animated film frame designs. You can use them to create cool videos for Instagram stories as well as to bring your static images to life.

This bundle comes with a collection of realistic analog film frame designs you can easily apply to your Instagram posts. The frames are available as PNG files so they’ll work with any photo editing app, including Photoshop Express. The frames also come in PSD and AI formats as well.

This is a collection of Instagram post templates that feature stylish frame designs. There are 6 different templates in this pack with trendy designs that are ideal for promoting fashion brands and creative agencies.

You can create unique Instagram stories using the templates in this pack. It includes 20 Instagram story templates that come with creative frame designs. They are most suitable for promoting clothing and lifestyle brands.

If you can’t get enough of film frames, be sure to grab this bundle as well. It includes 30 Instagram post templates in PSD format. Each template features different film frame designs you’ll have plenty of choices when it comes to designing unique posts.

This Instagram template kit features unique frame designs that are inspired by torn paper. There are 9 templates in this pack in PSD format. You can download them for free.

Classic photo frames with engraved designs give a certain elegant look and feel to photos. But will it work the same for your Instagram designs? This collection of Instagram frame templates proves that it does. It includes 5 amazing frame templates with classic designs for making Instagram stories. And it also applies an automatic retro effect to your photos.

This collection of Instagram frame templates will give an old-school vintage look to your photos with its weathered and worn-out frame designs. It includes 6 different frame designs that you can easily customize using Photoshop. The template can be used to create posts for Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter.

This is a very unique collection of Instagram frame templates. It includes classic film frames that have been created with actual films, negatives, and polaroids. The collection features 15 different frame designs in PNG and PSD formats that will allow you to add a realistic-looking frame to your photos.

You can use this set of Instagram frame templates to give a retro look and feel to your photos using the classic Kodak negative-style frame designs. It includes 10 sets of frame designs in PNG and PSD formats for both Instagram posts and stories. As a bonus, you’ll also get 6 film frame scans in PNG format.

A very creative set of photo frames that feature designs with brush strokes. These frame templates are perfect for creating Instagram posts to promote your personal brand, hand-crafted products, and for creative agencies as well. The bundle includes 10 PSD frame templates in 5 color designs.

This is a collection of free Instagram frame templates featuring designs for fashion and apparel brands. It includes several creative frame designs for showcasing products and photos. The templates are available in PSD format.

The minimal and clean design of these Instagram frame templates will allow you to give more focus to your content. The bundle includes easily editable Instagram story and post templates in PSD format.

If you’re a fan of old film negative frames, this template pack is perfect for you. It includes 10 different Instagram frame templates with designs inspired by classic film negatives. The templates are available in PNG and PSD file formats. You can use them to create stylish Instagram stories.

This set of Instagram frame templates mixes classic frame designs with modern post layouts. It includes 12 Instagram post templates with different types of designs with space for including photos and a description. It’s ideal for promoting fashion brands and luxury products.

You can use this kit of Instagram frame templates to create posts with trendy layouts. It features stylish frame designs that allow you to grab attention and showcase your photos in a creative way. The bundle includes 6 different post designs in editable PSD files.

Make sure to save this collection of templates to create Christmas-themed Instagram posts when the season comes. It includes 6 beautiful template designs with creative frames. You can easily customize each template to add your own photos, text, change fonts, colors, and more.

Everyone loves polaroid photo frames. In fact, the interface design for the Instagram post itself shares many similar elements with the polaroids. This set of templates will help you take it even further with its polaroid photo frames. It includes 8 different templates in PSD format with fully editable designs.

A collection of photo frame templates with an uncommon design. This bundle includes 8 frame designs with circle layouts. A special feature of this design is that it can be used to create photo collages as well. They will surely add a unique look to your Instagram posts. And don’t worry, you can easily edit the templates using the smart object layers.

This bundle includes a set of beautiful frames and backgrounds you can use to design stylish Instagram posts. It includes 10 different templates, all of which are free to download and use.

If you’re a fan of colorful designs, this collection of Instagram frames is for you. There are 13 different stylish backgrounds and frames in this bundle. You can download them for free to create your own Instagram posts and stories.

Another set of beautiful Instagram frame templates featuring polaroid frame designs. This set is perfect for creating Instagram stories while adding a creative frame to your design. There are 10 different designs to choose from and all of them can be easily customized to your preference.

Inspired by the films and negatives used by analog cameras, this set of Instagram frame templates will allow you to give a classic look to your Instagram posts. It comes with 9 sets of templates for Instagram posts and stories. The templates are available in PSD format and you can edit them to change colors and images quite easily.

A mixed collection of Instagram post templates featuring polaroid frames and other creative designs. This template kit is perfect for promoting creative agencies and fashion brands. It includes 9 templates that you can customize with Photoshop.

Looking for a modern set of frame designs? Then grab this template pack. It features framed Instagram story designs with very attractive content layouts. They are available in easily editable PSD files. And you can choose from 5 different designs as well.

A set of clean and dark Instagram story templates featuring stylish frame designs. These templates are designed to give your Instagram stories a high-end look and feel. And they are ideal for promoting luxury brands and lifestyle businesses. It includes 7 designs in Photoshop and Illustrator file formats.

You can use this set of free templates to create trendy Instagram posts by adding creative frames full of colorful shapes. The templates are available in easily editable PSD file format.

This is a free Instagram puzzle feed template that includes 12 different post layouts with frames. You can use them to create an attractive Instagram puzzle to make your profile stand out from the crowd.

For more templates, be sure to check out our best Instagram post and story templates collection.

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