25+ Fun Kids Fonts for Children’s Designs

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When it comes to designing graphics for kids, typography plays an important role. Kids love reading and spelling out words. But the key to getting their attention is the design of the letters.

If letters look boring, kids will immediately lose focus and attention. As a designer, it’s your job to make those titles and text look as fun as possible for kids.

Today, we have some of the coolest kids fonts you can use to create fun graphic designs for children. You can use these fonts to design bright and attractive book covers, product packaging designs, clothing items, and much more.

Have a look and start downloading. There are a few free fonts in the list too.

This is a hand-crafted kids font that features a creative design inspired by dinosaurs, animals, and fun handwritten designs. It’s the perfect all-in-one font you can use to craft all kinds of things related to children’s books, clothing, mugs, school posters, and so much more. It comes with a set of dingbats as a bonus too.

If you’re looking for a playful font that’s suitable for education-themed designs, this kids font is perfect for your project. It has a fun and simple look that will fit well with designs related to school, book covers, and other educational designs. The font includes all-caps letters with a set of alternate characters.

A font with a beautiful hand-crafted letter design that’s most suitable for children’s story books and book cover designs. This font has a creative hand-drawn design with each character telling a unique story. It includes both uppercase and lowercase letters. As well as ligatures and glyphs.

This is a fun cartoon-themed kids font that has creative letters that are perfect for designing titles for everything from school banners to video titles, kids’ games, social media posts, and more. The font includes uppercase and lowercase characters.

Want to design big titles that grab attention from far away? Then be sure to use this font in your designs. It has big chunky letters that are made just for designing titles for posters and banners. Of course, you can use it to craft book covers, T-shirts, social media posts, and other types of designs too.

This is a free kids font you can use to craft adorable titles for many different types of designs. It features a unique style of letters with a fun look and feel. It’s free to use with personal and commercial projects.

This font is also free for personal and commercial use. It has a thin line letter design with a cute handmade look to make your designs more attractive and appropriate for children.

Dolpino is a cute font with a handwritten letter design. Each letter in this font has a unique shape that will make your titles and headings look even more adorable. The font has uppercase and lowercase characters as well as numbers and punctuation.

The main goal of this font is to make your designs look more fun and kid-friendly. There are many different ways you can use it as well. It has a flexible style of letter design that will fit in with poster titles, banners, packaging designs, labels, and more.

Even kids need some time off to recharge after a day full of activities. This font gives off that same vibe with its fun and relaxed design. It’s perfect for playful kids designs such as bedtime storybook covers, toy packaging, food packaging, posters, and more. The font includes lots of glyphs and ligatures too.

A bold and creative kids font with a simple handwriting letter design. You can use this font to design many things, not just for kids but for grownups too. It has the perfect look for crafting logos, T-shirts, posters, labels, and more for various types of brands and products. The font includes stylistic alternate characters as well.

It’s the perfect font for designing comic-style titles and headings for your designs. But that’s not all. This font is great for designing YouTube thumbnails, Facebook covers, custom T-shirts, book covers, and much more. It will add the perfect playful look to your designs, to grab the attention of kids and grownups.

This free font features a fun textured design to make each letter look like a balloon. The font is perfect for all kinds of kid-friendly designs. You can use it for free with personal projects.

You can use this font to craft space-themed titles and headers for your designs. It also has a fun comic-style look to add a casual look and feel. The font is free for personal use.

Fruit Punch is a fun kids font with a set of modern characters. It features bold and creative letters that will immediately grab the attention of children and grownups alike. The font is perfect for product packaging designs, advertisements, and greeting cards.

This font features bubble-style letters that are great for all kinds of designs related to kids. You can use it to design story books, posters, toys, and many other things for kids of all ages. The font features all-caps letters.

Just as the name suggests, this kids font is most suitable for designing children’s story books, CD covers, and workbooks. The font comes with adorable characters that are designed in the style of children’s handwriting. It includes both uppercase and lowercase letters too.

Childart font is designed to bring out creativity in kids. It has a playful and fun letter design that will fit in well with children’s drawing books, art posters, school banners, and many other education-themed designs. This font also comes with uppercase and lowercase characters.

Castle Rock is a fun kids font featuring a cartoon-style letter design. This font can be used to craft posters, T-shirts, book covers, titles for videos, and even video games. It especially looks great when used with textures and patterns so experiment with different styles to find the perfect look for your project.

This font comes with a unique style of letter design that looks different but it will surely grab the attention of children as each letter looks fun. The font includes all-caps letters with creative letters. It’s free to use with personal projects.

Playkidos is another free font you can use to craft cool titles for various kids designs. It comes with tall and narrow letters with playful layouts. It’s free for personal use.

This kids font is perfect for all types of designs related to education from school banners to book covers, posters, and even school website designs. The font comes with uppercase and lowercase letters along with alternate character sets that feature rounded edges and another outline version.

This is one of the most adorable-looking fonts on our list. It just has the cutest and most innocent-looking set of characters ever. This font is great for greeting card designs, packaging designs for kid’s products, storybook covers, and everything in between.

If you want to give a hand-drawn look to your typography to make text look like they were drawn by a child, this font is the perfect font for your project. It has a creative handwriting letter design with child-like strokes. The font includes uppercase and lowercase letters as well.

This font comes with funny-looking characters with chunky designs. These letters look wild and weird, the best ingredients for crafting big titles that attract the attention of kids. It’s great for book covers, video titles, posters, and more.

Even though this font is designed inspired by children’s typography and drawings, it has the perfect minimalist look for designing modern T-shirts, posters, and website headers. You can use it with design projects for both kids and grownups.

This font lives up to its name by giving you a set of letters that look like blobs. It’s a fun-looking font to use in all kinds of kids designs. The font comes in two styles featuring filled and outlines letters.

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