25+ Best Tattoo Fonts for Men & Women

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Most people think that all tattoos look the same. But there are actually more than a dozen styles of tattoos out there, each with its own meaning, telling a different story.

The same applies to designing tattoos for men and women. There are many different styles but in general, men prefer tattoos with more masculine looks while women often choose tattoo designs with chic and feminine styles.

So it’s very important to choose the right tattoo font that fits your design to create the perfect tattoo-themed look for men and women. We made this list to help you get that job done.

Here you’ll find plenty of great tattoo fonts for men and women with both masculine and feminine designs. You can use them with all kinds of tattoo-inspired design projects. We divided them into two sections with both premium and free tattoo fonts with various styles. Have a look.

Tattoo Fonts for Men

Lettering tattoos usually feature script or serif-style fonts that bring a bold look to the entire tattoo design. These fonts are great examples you can use for inspiration.

This is one of the tattoo fonts that have great overall letter designs that makes them perfect for not just tattoos but for masculine labels, signage, and many other types of designs. It comes with a set of all-caps letters featuring a unique decorative vintage style.

If you want to craft a design with a modern tattoo lettering design, this font will come in handy. It has a bold letter design inspired by gothic writing styles with a mix of modern elements. The font pairs well with rock and metal-themed tattoo designs.

Incognito is the perfect example of a traditional tattoo lettering font that features a classic letter design. It’s the ideal font for crafting bold gothic-style tattoo designs for men. It includes uppercase and lowercase characters with numbers.

The script-style cursive tattoo fonts are also quite popular in many different styles of tattoo designs, especially in tribal tattoos. With this font, you can design the perfect tattoo for both men and women. It also comes with lots of stylish swashes to make your designs look extra stylish.

Inspired by typography from the Victorian era, this font comes with one of the most beautiful letter designs we’ve seen. The stylishly decorative letters give this font a bold look that will make your tattoo designs stand out. As an added bonus, it includes an extra font and ornaments as well.

This is a free tattoo font you can use to craft modern and unique tattoos for men. It features gothic blackletter style letters that fit many different styles of designs. The font is free to use with your personal projects.

Three Clover is another free font you can use with your tattoo, label, and custom print designs. The font has a classic letter design inspired by vintage blackletter typography. It’s free for personal use.

This font is great for crafting vintage-style tattoos for men. It features bold decorative blackletter themed letters with lots of ornaments and multilingual characters. You can make some incredible tattoo designs using this font.

Rabasco is another blackletter tattoo font that includes a unique letter design mixed with modern elements. This gives it a simple yet daring look that you can apply to your tattoos, labels, and badge designs.

This stylish cursive font will make your tattoo designs look both creative and fearless at the same time. It includes uppercase and lowercase letters with plenty of alternate characters, ligatures, and swashes to help you craft incredible tattoo designs.

This font comes with a traditional tattoo lettering design that will fit in quite well with many different styles of tattoo designs. The font is available in 3 different styles featuring regular, italic, and ornament fonts. It’s great for badges, labels, and product packaging designs as well.

Blackshot is a vintage blackletter font that has the perfect design for crafting tattoos for men. It has letters with unique decorative elements to give each letter an identity of its own. The font features multiple stylistic alternates for each letter as well.

Malekith is a stylish cursive tattoo font for men. It features a creative script letter design that looks great with tattoos, labels, and even CD cover designs. The font includes both uppercase and lowercase letters.

This beautiful cursive tattoo font is great for both men’s and women’s tattoo designs. It has stylish script letters with uppercase and lowercase characters. The font is available in 4 different styles. And it’s free!

Tattoo Fonts for Women

Even though these tattoo fonts feature feminine designs they will still make your tattoo design look awesome. And they are suitable for both men and women as well.

Bad Luck is a beautiful tattoo font with an old-school letter design. This font has thin and decorative designs that are perfect for crafting cute and feminine tattoos for women. It’s also great for making greeting cards and custom print designs.

Glam Rock is another cute tattoo font that comes in two different styles. You can choose from outline and fill font styles to create modern and attractive tattoos for women. Both fonts have all-caps letters and also include a bundle of cool vector tattoo art for free.

If you’re looking for a font to design a retro-style tattoo, this font is made just for you. It comes with beautiful letters that can be utilized to make not just tattoo art but also craft signage, website headers, posters, badges, and more.

A beautiful script tattoo font for designing stylish tattoos for women. The font includes uppercase and lowercase letters with alternate sets of characters. It also features swashes for crafting more elegant tattoo designs.

Strates is a bold tattoo font that comes with thick and decorative letters. This font is great for many different styles of tattoos as well as various other print and digital designs.

You can use this free font to craft beautiful tattoo-themed designs for women. It has stylish script-style letters with floral elements to make your art look more feminine. The font is free to use with personal projects.

This free script tattoo font features a modern letter design that will fit in with different types of product packaging, label, and tattoo art designs. This font is also free for personal use.

Another creative tattoo font with a feminine design. This font also comes in two different styles featuring regular and striped versions. It’s great for tattoos, greeting cards, labels, and badge designs.

This blackletter-style tattoo font is perfect for all your modern tattoo art, label, and packaging designs. It comes with a gothic-style design featuring a pack of vector ornaments as a bonus.

Just as the name suggests, this font comes with a stylish design that will make your tattoo designs look rad with its traditional old-school design. It comes with ornaments and multilingual characters as well.

You can use this font to design tattoos with a more bold and daring look for women. It features a set of all-caps letters with incredibly attractive designs. The font is also perfect for logo and custom T-shirt designs.

Pinders features a classic tattoo letter design that will allow you to make more authentic old-school tattoo designs. It comes with all-caps letters and a set of small-caps characters. The font also includes a set of ornaments.

This vintage tattoo font comes with a minimal and feminine look that will make your tattoo art look much more attractive. It’s great for greeting cards and wedding invitations as well. You can use the font for free with personal projects.

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