25+ Best DaVinci Resolve Transition Templates 2023

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One of the main and must-have elements of editing videos in DaVinci Resolve is transitions. As a professional editor, you can never have enough of them.

Today, we wanted to add a few more amazing and professional DaVinci Resolve transition templates to your personal collection.

Whether you like waves, shapes, or fire explosions, we’ve got all kinds of cool and creative DaVinci Resolve transitions in this collection with different types of animations.

These transition templates are very easy to use. All you have to do is drag and drop them into your timeline to create smooth transitions between video clips. Check out the collection below and be sure to download those free DaVinci Resolve templates as well.

This bundle includes a set of fade transitions for adding subtle animations between your video clips. There are 25 different styles of DaVinci Resolve transitions included in the pack that works with both photos and videos. They are compatible with DaVinci Resolve 17 and higher.

When it comes to technology and futuristic videos, the glitch effect is the go-to choice for transition animations. You can grab this bundle to find various styles of glitch transitions for your technology-themed video projects. They feature fast animations with a convenient drag and drop design.

Using transitions with simple and subtle animations is the best approach for editing professional and business videos. This bundle includes a collection of smart transitions made just for those types of projects. It includes a huge list of more than 100 transitions with zoom, brush, slide, fade, and many other styles of effects.

Add beautiful wavy transition animations to your videos with this set of DaVinci Resolve transitions. These transitions allow you to add wave line effects in between clips and they come in various styles to create the effect in different directions. The transitions are compatible with DaVinci Resolve 16 and higher.

If you’re a fan of colorful and creative transition effects, you’ll immediately fall in love with these DaVinci Resolve transitions. They feature bright and colorful brush-style transitions with unique animations. The effects are ideal for creative, educational, and entertainment video projects.

This is a free transition template for DaVinci Resolve that features a simple radial twitch animation effect. The clean and subtle effect of this template makes it a great choice for both business and creative videos.

With this free DaVinci Resolve transition template, you can add a smooth animation using a motion blur swipe effect. It makes it look like the next clip is being pulled towards the other and it’s quite beautiful.

The transitions in this pack are made just for professional videos. They feature simple and clean transition effects using stripes animations. You can choose from 12 different styles of transitions and they are perfect for energetic and action-packed videos, as well as many others.

This is one of the coolest transition templates we’ve seen so far. It allows you to add a bolt of lightning that tears the screen apart to reveal the next clip in the timeline. And the lightning looks very realistic as well. It’s great for fun video projects as well as for trailers, logo reveals, and intros.

You can use the transitions in this bundle to add creative effects full of different shapes to fill the gaps between clips. There are 30 different styles of shape transitions included in this pack that come in circles, bars, and abstract shapes. They are compatible with DaVinci Resolve 16.2 and higher.

The unique cube-style DaVinci Resolve transitions in this collection add a cool 3D look to your videos. There are several different styles of block animation effects in this bundle that goes in different directions. You can also customize each transition to fit your preference as well.

The page-turning transition effect is commonly used in slideshows and photo album videos. But with this collection of transitions, you can use the effect with many other types of videos. The bundle features various styles of page-turning transitions that are suitable for business, creative, YouTube, and Instagram videos.

This is a fast typography transition that you can also use as a title template. It features a quick animation while also changing the background colors. You’ll be able to customize this template to your preference and it’s free to download.

Another free DaVinci Resolve transition template with simple animations. This one features the popular distort and twist effect. The transition will fit in well with all kinds of promo and business videos.

This bundle features a collection of modern and trendy transition templates for DaVinci Resolve. There are transitions in 10 different categories and 5 types of durations in the collection. They are especially suitable for social media promos, YouTube videos, and Instagram videos.

With this DaVinci Resolve templates pack, you’ll get a unique selection of transitions and video effects. There are various styles of transitions that are ideal for trendy fashion and lifestyle videos. As well as cool effects for adding a colorful look to your videos.

If you’re a fan of over-the-top animations with fires and explosions, this transitions pack is made just for you. It features several different styles of fire elements for making cool transition effects. And there are a few title templates with fire animations as well.

The creative liquid-style animations in this transition templates pack will fit in perfectly with all kinds of creative videos. It’s especially great for YouTube videos, fun travel vlogs, Instagram videos, and even videos made for kids. There are also lots of colorful and creative effects to choose from.

You won’t have to look for new transitions for a while when you get a huge collection of transition templates like this one. There are over 180 different transitions in this bundle that come in 18 categories. The transitions are fully customizable to your preference and you can even adjust the colors.

This free transition template for DaVinci Resolve features a cool paper-themed transition that will make your videos look more creative and unique. It comes in various styles including duct tape, caution tape, newspaper, and other transition effects.

You’ll find 10 free transitions in this pack to use in your personal projects. Each transition in this bundle features a different effect, including the popular camera shake effect, lens distortion, zoom, and film roll animations. All are free to download.

A very creative transition effect that adds a camera capture animation to give a professional look to your videos. This transition effect is especially perfect for photography-themed videos and even for photo album videos.

Working on a retro-themed video or a slideshow of a photo album? Then you can use this groovy DaVinci Resolve transition to give it a more retro look and feel. It features a VHS-style transition effect and it comes in multiple styles and designs as well.

The transitions in this bundle will surely come in handy during the Winter seasons. They are perfect for adding a seasonal look to your Christmas videos, promos, and social media clips. As a bonus, this pack includes snow-themed backgrounds for your videos too.

You can create subtle and smooth transitions between your clips using this collection of DaVinci Resolve transitions. The simple animations are perfect for creating a seamless and consistent look in your videos, especially when editing business and corporate videos.

You can find more great templates for your projects in our best DaVinci Resolve templates collection.

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