20+ Vertical Video Templates for Premiere Pro (For Instagram + More)

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Getting more views and engagement for Instagram and TikTok content is now tougher than ever, especially with millions of new videos being uploaded every day.

Making interesting video content is no longer enough to grab the attention of your followers. You also need to make videos that look trendier and more creative.

This is where you can take advantage of Premiere Pro and use vertical video templates to make more unique content for your social channels.

We gathered a collection of cool vertical video templates you can use to make all kinds of social media video content. Whether it’s an Instagram story promoting a product or a TikTok to get more followers, this list has all kinds of vertical video templates for Premiere Pro. Check them all out below.

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Vintage and retro-themed videos are a hugely popular trend on social media platforms. With this bundle of vertical video templates, you can join this trend with groovy retro video designs while also promoting your products. It includes 18 different templates that you can customize in Premiere Pro to change colors, images, and fonts to your preference.

If you’re looking for bold video templates that instantly grab attention, this collection of vertical video templates is made just for you. It features lots of urban-style video templates that are perfect for making Instagram stories and TikTok videos. Each template is filled with bright and vibrant colors as well as kinetic animations.

The Premiere Pro templates in this bundle are sure to wow your audience as it includes a set of stylish and minimalist vertical video designs. These templates offer a unique way to promote your products and services using Instagram stories. Of course, you can customize the templates to change the colors, fonts, and media to match your branding.

This video templates collection features modern designs inspired by the popular Brutalism design trend. These are ideal for making content for luxury and high-end fashion or lifestyle brands. The templates can be customized using Premiere Pro and it comes with a tutorial video as well.

15 fully animated vertical video templates, each 15 seconds long. It’s the perfect collection of Premiere Pro templates for making fun and attractive content for TikTok. The templates are designed in a modular structure so you can easily edit and customize the layouts, colors, and content however you like.

This is a free vertical video template you can use to make a trendy Instagram story video. It features a colorful design with simple animations to grab the viewer’s attention. You can fully customize the template using Premiere Pro.

This vertical video template has a creative ink splash title design that allows you to create engaging promo videos for fashion and apparel products. The template is free to download and you can customize it however you like.

Make clean and modern-looking content for your social media channels using this pack of Premiere Pro templates. It includes 16 different vertical video templates that are optimized for making Instagram Stories. You can use both images or videos in each template to promote your products, channel, and even get more likes and followers.

The templates in this bundle are perfect for promoting products on your Instagram and TikTok stories. There are 10 unique vertical video templates included in this pack that come with colorful and trendy designs. These are easily customizable so you can add your own product images, change colors, fonts, and much more.

If you’re promoting a business or brand related to travel and tourism, this collection of Premiere Pro templates will help you make eye-catching content for your social channels. You’ll have 6 different Instagram story templates to choose from that feature vertical layouts with fully editable designs. You can use both photos and videos with the templates.

This collection comes with many different styles of vertical video templates that are most suitable for promoting modern businesses and lifestyle brands. The templates have minimal designs with simple animations. Whether it’s promoting a new product or a sale, there are video templates for all kinds of content in the pack.

With this Premiere Pro templates pack, you can create a slideshow-style video to promote products and services on Instagram. It’s especially great for fashion and lifestyle brands as it comes with colorful designs with liquid-style animations. This vertical video template will surely help grab the attention of your followers.

This free Premiere Pro template allows you to craft modern vertical videos for promoting products and services. It has a clean design that showcases a product with simple animations. You can also customize the design to change colors and fonts.

Another cool and trendy vertical video template for Premiere Pro. This template is free to download and use. And it’s perfect for Instagram stories and promo videos, especially for fashion brands.

A collection of professional vertical video templates for making elegant and stylish content for Instagram and TikTok stories. This collection includes 14 different Premiere Pro templates with colorful designs. Each template has cool animations that instantly attract attention.

If you’re promoting a sports brand, gym, or fitness program, this bundle of vertical video templates will come in handy. It includes a collection of modern Instagram story templates that use dark color themes and simple animated elements for making engaging video content for social media.

This Premiere Pro templates pack is made specifically for marketing agencies and businesses. It includes several beautiful vertical video templates with creative designs. Each template has animated illustrations for making your videos more attractive. You can also customize them to add your own text and change fonts as well.

Create trendy Instagram and TikTok stories with this bundle of vertical video templates. This pack features Premiere Pro templates with stylish designs and fun animations that will give new life to your Story videos. The templates are all easily editable and include changeable colors and text.

Want to make your artistic and creative Instagram promos? Then this Premiere Pro templates pack is for you. It features several beautiful video templates with retro and artistic designs. Each template is available in multiple sizes so you can use them to make stories and posts for Instagram, TikTok, and even Facebook.

You can download this bundle of vertical video templates for absolutely free. It includes 10 different video templates with stylish designs. They are great for making Instagram and TikTok story videos.

Featuring a simple and trendy design, this vertical video template allows you to create Instagram story videos to promote your sales, discounts, and special events in a professional way. And yes this template is also free to download.

This is a huge bundle of vertical video templates that includes 130 different designs. There are many different types of video templates in this pack for making Instagram and TikTok stories for various brands and businesses. You can customize the templates to your preference using Premiere Pro.

With the templates in this collection, you can make colorful vertical videos for Instagram stories full of gradient colors. It comes with 10 different Premiere Pro templates that are most suitable for promoting agencies, startups, and various other modern businesses.

Planning on running a special sale or promo event for your online store? Then be sure to grab this vertical video pack. There are 24 different Premiere Pro templates with fun and creative designs to choose from. You’ll have plenty of options for promoting discounted products on social media.

If you’re a fan of After Effects, you can check out our best Instagram video templates for After Effects collection.

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