20+ Event & Sponsorship Proposal Templates

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Writing a winning proposal to land sponsors for an event can be a challenging task. But this process gets much easier when you have the right template to get started with.

Using a great-looking proposal template, you can write an event or sponsorship proposal much more easily by planning and designing your content to fit the template design.

Today, we bring you a collection of event proposal and sponsorship proposal templates to help get a head start on your proposals. These templates feature fully customizable designs so you won’t have to worry about wasting time coming up with a great design for the proposal brochure.

We also included a few PowerPoint templates and useful tips for writing proposals. Be sure to check them all out.

This sponsorship proposal template comes with a very clean and minimal design. It includes page layouts with big visuals where you can include photos of your previous events. Each page also features modern paragraph designs and formatting styles. The template is available in A4 and US Letter sizes.

This InDesign template is perfect for preparing a proposal for a new business event. It comes with beautifully crafted page layouts featuring bright yellow color accents. You can also customize the colors and paragraph styles using InDesign or Microsoft Word.

With this brochure template, you’ll be able to design a professional-looking sponsorship proposal without effort. It features modern and creative page designs with stylish layouts. There are 12 different page designs included in the template and it comes in A4 size.

If you’re looking to craft a proposal with a simple and minimal design, this template is great for your project. It’s designed for writing event proposals but you can easily transform it into a sponsorship proposal as well. The template comes in A4 and US Letter sizes.

Featuring 12 unique page layouts, this InDesign proposal template is made with modern business events in mind. It features creative paragraph styles, editable colors, image placeholders, and much more.

Preparing a modern and professional-looking sponsorship proposal will be a walk in the park when you have this template. It comes with 20 unique page designs where you can describe your proposal and project in detail. The template is available in A4 and US Letter sizes.

If you prefer more colorful and creative designs for crafting an attractive proposal, this template is made just for you. It comes with 12 beautifully designed page layouts with fully customizable features. The template is available in InDesign and EPS formats.

Write a killer proposal for a marketing event using this InDesign template. It features the perfect design for presenting your plan for a modern marketing event or conference. There are 12 page layouts included in the template with editable designs.

This proposal template is perfect for music events and concerts. The template features 16 unique page designs with a landscape layout. Each page comes with image placeholders, editable colors, and paragraph styles. There’s a matching PowerPoint template included as a bonus as well.

This template is designed for preparing event brief proposals. It includes several stylish page layouts where you can write a brief proposal outline for events and sponsors. The template comes in A4 and US Letter sizes.

Another great sponsorship proposal template for agencies and businesses for winning over clients. This template includes 12 different page layouts with fully customizable designs. It’s available in A4 size and in InDesign and EPS formats.

This proposal template is most suitable for preparing a brochure for event proposals. It comes with 20 page layouts with modern paragraph styles, image placeholders, and easily customizable designs.

If you want to design a clean and minimal sponsorship proposal, this template is perfect for you. There are 16 beautiful page designs included in the template with minimalist layouts. It comes in MS Word and InDesign formats.

This proposal template allows you to craft a sponsorship proposal for partnering with bloggers and influencers. It features a stylish and modern page design that will appeal to all audiences. The template is available in A4 and US Letter sizes as well.

Crafting a professional proposal to attract sponsors for a corporate event is much easier with this template. It includes 12 fully customizable page layouts where you can change colors, edit paragraph styles, and more.

This event proposal template is great for many different types of events and it’s especially great for work and career events. The template comes with 12 page designs featuring image placeholders, paragraph styles, and layered InDesign files.

You can use this template to craft a professional sponsorship proposal for all kinds of events and conferences. It features a clean and modern design with fully customizable page layouts.

This is a PowerPoint template for designing stylish event proposal presentations. It includes more than 20 unique slides where you can showcase your event in detail. The template also comes in 5 pre-made color schemes as well.

With this PowerPoint template, you can craft a slideshow to showcase your plan for music events and concerts. The template includes 35 unique slide layouts with easily editable designs.

If you’re working on promoting a business event or project, this modern pitch deck template is perfect for preparing the presentation. It features 3 slides with image placeholders, editable colors, shapes, and master slide layouts.

This is a multipurpose PowerPoint template you can use to craft business proposals for all kinds of events, projects, and conferences. The template includes 15 unique slide layouts with editable colors, fonts, and image placeholders.

With this PowerPoint template, you can easily design presentations for the events that you organize. It comes loaded with 30 different slides featuring vector graphics, 500 icons, editable colors, fonts, and much more.

How to Write a Sponsorship Proposal

Now that you have found a great template for your proposal, you can start writing it. Here are a few basic tips to help you write the perfect sponsorship proposal.

Do Your Research

Understanding your client’s business and their target audience is the key to writing a winning proposal. Do proper research to find out what type of sponsorships they’ve done in the past and also research their competition to convince your clients why your event is the perfect opportunity to stand out from the competitors.

Share Your Mutual Marketing Objectives

Write about what kind of marketing objectives you’re aiming to achieve with your event so that the sponsors can understand how it’s beneficial for them. Your event and the client might have the same target audience so help them see your vision with your proposal.

Show Off Statistics and Data

If you’ve hosted events before, be sure to include stats and data from your past events in your proposal. Even if it’s your first event, showcasing data about your current user base can help solidify trust with your potential sponsors.

Include Special Benefits

A great way to win over a potential sponsor is to offer them special perks and benefits. For example, you could offer to give discounted ticket prices for their clients. Or special VIP packages with more benefits.

Use a PowerPoint Presentation

Including a slideshow presentation with your proposal is a great way to provide a summary of your proposal. It will also help present your proposal in visual form with photos from your past events to make the presentation more enticing.

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