20+ Digital Marketing, Social & SEO Proposal Templates 2023

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A visual design that attracts attention, the ability to keep the client hooked through to the end, and a clutter-free layout are the key elements of a successful proposal brochure.

Great proposal brochures also feature stunning covers, easy-to-read paragraph formatting, and lots of images to win over the clients and investors with your proposal.

We’ve found some of the best proposal templates that check all those boxes. In this collection, we bring you all kinds of digital marketing proposals, social media proposals, and SEO proposal templates with amazing designs.

Grab a template and get a head start on your marketing proposal design.

Showing off professionalism is an important part of creating a proposal that builds trust with your client. This template will help you achieve that goal more easily. It comes with a very elegant and clean design throughout the document. There are 20 different page layouts included in this InDesign and MS Word template.

SEO proposals are usually filled with lots of big stats, numbers, and concepts. A great way to give the spotlight to those important details is to use a clean and minimal design in your proposal. This SEO proposal template is perfect for that job. It includes 32 page layouts and it comes in InDesign, Word, Apple Pages, Affinity Publisher, and many other formats.

You can design an attractive proposal for your social media marketing projects using this modern proposal template. It lets you choose from 32 different page layouts with visually attractive designs to make professional proposals for all types of social media marketing campaigns.

This template features creative and multipurpose page layouts you can easily edit and customize to make all kinds of marketing proposals. The template includes highly visual page layouts that are most suitable for creative agencies and marketing firms. It’s available in InDesign INDD and IDML formats.

Social media trends keep changing all the time so you need to design your project proposals the same way to keep up with the latest trends. Using a modern and trendy design for your proposal cover and inner-page layouts is the best way to achieve that goal. This social media proposal template will help you get there. It features 40 pages and comes in InDesign and Photoshop formats.

This is a free project proposal template that you can use to create all kinds of proposals, including for marketing and business projects. The template comes in InDesign format and it features 10 unique page layouts to choose from.

This template is perfect for design and photography project proposals. The elegant black and white design add a certain classy look to the brochure layout. It includes 10 different page designs and the template is available in InDesign format.

Using a stylish and attractive design for a marketing proposal is not just about making the document look good but it’s also about showing your branding to the clients. With this template, you can make an incredible proposal for your marketing projects without effort. It includes 12 unique page layouts.

If you’re working on a branding proposal, use this template to craft your brochure. It features 24 different page designs with visual layouts for winning over your clients. The template comes in InDesign format and in A4 size.

Convincing your clients to award you a web design project won’t be difficult when you have a professional proposal template like this one. It’s made specifically with web design proposals in mind and the template includes 24 page layouts.

This marketing proposal can be used to create all kinds of digital, mobile, and social media marketing proposals. It comes with modern page layouts with multipurpose designs so you can easily customize each page to your preference.

With this template, you can make the perfect marketing proposal for Facebook ad campaigns as well as for other social media marketing projects. It includes 16 page layouts with clean and professional designs.

A creative brochure template with bright and colorful designs. This template features easily editable page layouts that you can customize to create various types of marketing project proposals. You can choose from 12 unique pages and it’s free to download as well.

The simple and clean design of this proposal template makes it a great choice for putting together proposal brochures for marketing projects, especially for targeting corporate businesses. There are 10 unique page designs included in the template and it comes in InDesign format.

You can make a creative, colorful, and attractive proposal for your SEO campaign projects using this template. It comes in InDesign and Microsoft Word formats. The template includes 24 page layouts as well.

A modern proposal template made specifically for making brand identity projects. This template comes with highly effective page layouts where you can outline your plan for the branding project in a professional way. There’s a bonus invoice template included in the bundle as well.

This InDesign template is perfect for making proposals for various design projects. Whether it’s for a fashion design or interior design, it has a beautiful and clean page design that will attract clients. The template is available in US Letter size.

With this marketing proposal template, you can easily craft a winning proposal for your digital marketing campaigns. It features 20 page layouts with lots of space for visuals, shapes, and colors. The template also includes paragraph styles and master page layouts as well.

A simple yet effective proposal template for branding projects. This template has an attractive design with modern page layouts that are ideal for showing off your ideas and concepts in a professional way. It includes 20 page layouts in A4 size.

This template includes 14 unique page layouts with colorful and modern designs. It’s great for making web design proposals as well as for web development projects. The template comes in InDesign file formats.

This is a simple proposal template you can use to make a quick proposal brochure for a graphic design project. It’s most suitable for freelancers for pitching to clients. The template is free to download and comes in Word and Apple Pages formats.

This template is also free to download and it features a clean design for making a proposal brochure for an eCommerce website design project. This template also comes in MS Word and Google Docs formats.

How To Write A Marketing Proposal

The marketing proposal is arguably the most important part of convincing a client to hire you for a project. It’s how you present your ideas and strategies for a marketing campaign.

We hope our list of templates has helped you find a great design for your proposal. The next challenge is to write the proposal. Here are a few tips to help you write a great marketing proposal.

Ask Questions

Before you even begin writing and designing your proposal, make sure to schedule a long discussion with your client and ask them a lot of questions.

Asking questions will help you determine what kind of problems they are having and the type of goals your client is expecting to achieve. So that you can address these issues with your proposal.

Set Realistic Goals

Most marketers tend to go a bit overboard with their initial marketing proposals by setting unrealistic goals. This is an amateur mistake that sends clients running in the other direction.

Instead, you should set realistic goals for your marketing campaigns and help the client understand how you plan on achieving those goals with a clear step-by-step strategy.

Use Storytelling

Telling a story is usually a great way to emotionally connect with your audience. The same can be applied to a marketing proposal.

You don’t have to turn your entire proposal into a short story. Just try to share a story related to the client’s industry or even about their competitors.

Show Examples and Stats

Statistics are a must for backing your claims but you should also use lots of examples to prove your suggestions are effective.

For example, when sharing a marketing strategy, try to find another brand or company that has tried the same strategy so you can show your client it works.

Build Trust

Last but not least, you should show your client that you can be trusted with this marketing campaign. That you can deliver results.

The best way to do this is to share a few testimonials from your previous clients. Or show off some successful case studies.

A marketing proposal is a great medium to communicate your ideas with your clients. So use it wisely to detail your plans as well as to build trust.

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