20+ Cute Handwriting Fonts in 2022 (Free & Pro)

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One of the best ways to add a personal and handcrafted look to your designs is to use handwriting fonts. Since each handwriting font has a unique look of its own, they help make your designs look original as well.

Today, we focus on handwriting fonts that allow you to go beyond that personal look and add a bit of cuteness at the same time.

In this collection, we feature some beautiful and cute handwriting fonts you can use to craft adorable typography for various types of design projects.

Each of these fonts has unique and creative designs so you might want to download them all. The good news is you can do just that by getting an unlimited subscription to Envato Elements. But first, check out the fonts below.

This font is the perfect example of a cute handwriting font as it comes with a fun and creative letter design that fits in with many different types of projects. You can use it to craft big poster titles, signage, greeting cards, custom T-shirts, as well as designs related to kids. Be sure to add it to your fonts collection.

The big chunky curvy letters combined with the rounded edges give a very cute and adorable look to this handwriting font. And it’s one of the best fonts you can use to craft posters, banners, greeting cards, and more for kids. It’s also great for video game-themed designs. The font comes with big uppercase and tiny lowercase letters.

If you want to add a cute and feminine look to your designs, this font is a great choice for your projects. It features tall and narrow letters with a beautiful handwriting style. Each letter in this font has a unique look of its own. The font is perfect for logo designs, packaging designs, wedding invitations, and everything in between.

Kawilang is a stylish handwriting font you can use to craft modern designs. It’s especially suitable for website header designs, social media posts, label designs, and much more. The font includes uppercase and lowercase letters with lots of alternate characters, ligatures, and glyphs.

Huelva is a cute handwriting font that features adorable letters. Each letter has thick and creative strokes that give a truly hand-drawn look to the font. It will definitely make your designs look much more personal and original. The font comes with uppercase and lowercase letters as well.

This is a free handwriting font with a classic letter design. It also features a cute yet professional look to make your designs more original. You can use it for free with your personal projects.

This elegant and stylish script font comes with a cute handwriting design. It’s great for both branding and casual designs. It’s especially suitable for beauty and fashion brands. This font is also free for personal use.

Don’t get distracted by the cute look of this font, it’s actually capable of much more than just cute typography designs. The font is also great for casual branding designs, fun poster titles, greeting cards, website headers, and more. It’s an all-caps font that includes a set of small-caps letters as well as numbers.

This font comes with a very casual, fun, and cute handwriting design that gives it a very trendy look and feel. It’s great for modern branding designs and marketing materials. The font includes uppercase and lowercase letters with the same cute letter design along with basic multilingual characters.

Whether you’re working on a cute greeting card design or an adorable brand logo design, this font is a great choice for you. It has the cutest letters you’ll ever see and it comes with adorable characters with hand-crafted strokes. The font is great for fashion, lifestyle, and packaging designs, especially for designs related to kids.

This font comes with a very elegant and cute handwriting letter design that gives it an identity of its own. The font is perfect for wedding invitations, logo designs, labels, and badges. It features uppercase and lowercase characters with glyphs and alternate characters.

Steffany is another stylish handwriting font you can use to craft professional-looking designs. It’s most suitable for high-end fashion and luxury branding designs. And you can use it to design logos, greeting cards, and much more as well. The font includes ligatures and multilingual support.

Roltand is a cute handwriting font you can download for free. It’s great for custom print designs, website headers, social media posts, and so much more. This font is free to use with personal projects.

A beautiful handwriting font with a cute letter design. This font is perfect for creative business cards and branding designs, especially for feminine businesses and products. The font is free for personal use.

A clean, minimal, and tall font with a very cute design. This font has all the right elements of a great title font. It’s also suitable for cute greeting card designs, custom T-shirts, social media posts, and more. The font includes all-caps letters with lots of fun glyphs to experiment with.

Monelia is an adorable handwriting font that will make your text look like it’s written by hand. It features a beautifully flowing letter design with a script handwriting look. The font has uppercase and lowercase letters with lots of ligatures. It’s a great choice for crafting logos, wedding invitations, and badges.

This fun and cute handwriting font is perfect for all your kids-themed designs. It’s great for school banners, kids t-shirts, greeting cards, book covers, and so much more. The font includes uppercase and lowercase characters sharing the same cute style of design.

This is an all-caps handwriting font featuring a cute letter design. This font has unique and tall characters that will fit in perfectly with your romantic Valentine’s day designs. It’s perfect for packaging designs, greeting cards, and even lifestyle branding designs.

Painted gallery is a modern handwriting font featuring a cute letter design. It comes with a cute yet elegant look that’s quite unmatched by any other font on our list. The font is ideal for everything from wedding invitations to label designs, T-shirts, social media posts, and more. It includes both uppercase and lowercase letters.

You can download this font free of charge and use it with your personal and commercial projects at no additional cost. It features a brush-style script letter design with a cute look. The font is ideal for business cards, logos, and signature-style designs.

Bajigur is a bold hand-drawn brush font with a cute look and feel. This font can be used to craft modern logos, social media posts, poster titles, and T-shirts. You can use it for free with personal projects.

The cute skinny letter design gives this handwriting font a very unique look and feel. It’s perfect for greeting card designs and title designs. The font is perfect for various packaging designs too. It even comes with floral and foliage shapes as a bonus.

Meliana is a cute handwriting script font featuring a clean and stylish design. It has uppercase and lowercase letters with lots of creative ligatures. You can use the font to craft modern logos, labels, branding designs, and more.

This is the perfect font for designing beautiful greeting cards and wedding invitations. The font has a cute script letter design with a handwriting look. It comes with a stylistic character set along with ligatures and multilingual support.

The clean and beautiful letter with its natural curves gives this script font a cute and stylish look. It’s ideal for quote posts, branding designs, wedding invitations, and more. The font comes with more than 400 glyphs to help you find the perfect style for your designs.

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