20+ Best YouTube Channel Templates & Intros for Premiere Pro

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Creating branded and professional content for YouTube is now much easier than ever before, thanks to pre-made video templates.

If you’re planning on starting a new YouTube channel or looking to rebrand your growing channel, one of the first things you should do is find the right Premiere Pro templates for your content.

There’s no need to go scouring the web. We will help you find the perfect YouTube channel templates for your videos. In this collection, you’ll find Premiere Pro templates for all your YouTube content creation needs.

There are templates in this list for YouTube channel intros, openers, titles, video end screens, notifications, lower-thirds, and much more. Grab a template from the collection below and get started on your project.

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When it comes to YouTube videos, the intro is an important element that helps you to grab the attention of the viewer from the beginning. With this intro template, you can add a more colorful and attractive opener to your videos that will set your videos apart from the competitors. It has cool animations and easily editable elements as well.

This bundle of Premiere Pro templates includes 6 different intros for YouTube with modern and creative designs. Each template has stylish animations and full color control for customizing the design however you like. The templates are perfect for creative channels and vlogging videos.

This is a collection of lots of useful YouTube templates that feature many different elements like YouTube subscribe buttons, social media follow notifications, video title templates, and Instagram story templates. It includes a total of 90 Premiere Pro templates, all optimized for YouTube content.

With the perfect end screen, you not only have a chance to promote more of your videos but also allow you to promote your brand and other social channels. The end screen templates in this pack are designed with all those features in mind. There are multiple styles of end screen templates that are suitable for all sorts of channels.

It’s great when you can download just one bundle to get all the templates you need in one place. This YouTube content tools pack also comes with everything you need to craft high-quality videos. It includes video overlay cards, notifications, titles, intros, highlighters, and so much more. There are a total of over 300 different templates in this pack.

This is a free Premiere Pro template you can use to craft a simple and minimal title for your YouTube videos. It features a fullscreen title design with clean animations. It’s great for tutorials, tech, and gaming channels.

This Premiere Pro template features a stylish subscribe button with click animations. It’s a simple overlay template you can place in any of your videos. It also features placeholders for featuring a profile photo or logo.

Make your YouTube intro more colorful and creative with this stylish Premiere Pro template. It features a trendy design with simple animations for making a fun-looking intro for your vlog, travel, and lifestyle YouTube channels. The template comes in multiple design layouts as well.

This YouTube intro template comes with a modern and unique design that’s ideal for business and design-related channels. The templates also feature modular structures allowing you to easily edit the templates to arrange elements to your preference. They are available in 4K resolution.

A simple yet creative intro template you can use to craft branded opening scenes for your videos. This Premiere Pro template lets you introduce your channel logo and branding using a cool mosaic animation. You can also change its colors and place your own images or videos to customize the design.

This is a collection of end screen templates for YouTube videos. There are several unique end screens included in this bundle with unique and modern layouts. Each template is also easily customizable. You can change the colors, images, and animations as well.

Encouraging viewers to subscribe to your channel is much easier when you have this Premiere Pro templates pack. It includes multiple styles of YouTube subscribe buttons featuring notification bells and more. They are perfect for all types of business, professional, and creative channels.

This free Premiere Pro template allows you to craft modern and professional-looking intro scenes for your YouTube videos. It has placeholders for adding a video or image to the template. As well as to add your channel logo and name.

A free end screen template with a multipurpose design. This template can be easily customized to create end screens for many different types of videos. It also includes all the elements you need to promote your channel and other social media profiles.

If you want to create a bright and creative intro scene for your YouTube videos, this pack of Premiere Pro templates will come in handy. It includes 3 different intro templates you can use to design vibrant intros for YouTube channels. Each template features cool animations and fully customizable layouts.

With this bundle, you get a collection of lower thirds with unique designs. These are great for making your interview, vlog, and promo videos look more professional. There are multiple styles of lower thirds with different designs and animations included in this pack.

This is a collection of stylish title templates featuring beautiful gradient color designs. In addition to the colorful designs, they also come with attractive animations. These templates are perfect for crafting big bold titles for your YouTube videos. They are especially perfect for business, design, and agency videos.

The Premiere Pro templates in this pack are great for YouTube channels that use personal branding to promote content. It includes multiple intro templates with colorful and creative designs that will put you in the center of the video. They are great for encouraging viewers to subscribe to your channel as well.

Another big bundle full of Premiere Pro templates and YouTube elements. This pack includes a huge collection of over 250 animated emojis, subscribe buttons, openers, titles, and so much more. It’s a must-have template collection for all YouTube creators and video editors.

This free Premiere Pro template features a stylish vertical title design to help you add a cool title or intro to your videos. The template is easily customizable and it’s perfect for tech and gaming videos.

You can add a stylish end screen with a dark design using this free Premiere Pro template. It comes with fast animations and placeholders for featuring a video as well as for promoting your other social channels.

This YouTube intro template is designed for channels that create YouTube shows, interviews, and podcasts. It includes 3 unique intro layouts where you can introduce to the audience what your YouTube show is all about. The templates are available in 4K resolution.

If you’re a fan of video intros with colorful elements and abstract shapes, this template pack is great for your channel. It includes multiple YouTube intro templates featuring typography-based animations. They also feature lots of colorful shapes and elements too.

With this pack, you’ll get access to 10 modern and stylish end screen templates for Premiere Pro. These end screens are designed with modern tech, travel, and vlog channels in mind. Of course, you can easily customize them to use with other types of channels as well.

For more great video templates, you can check out our best Premiere Pro templates collection.

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