20+ Best Magazine Templates With Modern + Creative Cover Layouts

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Whether it’s print or digital, magazines are still one of the best forms of entertainment and marketing.

There are actually more than 7,400 consumer magazines in the US alone. Believe it or not, the numbers are growing every year.

If you’re planning to launch a new magazine, keep in mind that competition is fierce. Coming up with a great-looking user-friendly design that sets your magazine apart from the competition will be your first challenge.

To help you overcome this challenge, we gathered a collection of modern and creative magazine templates that you can download and use right away. See if you can find a design for your new magazine.

A stylish and modern cover design is a must for a great magazine. But having inner pages with matching consistent designs is even more important. This InDesign magazine template meets both those requirements with its modern and elegant design that spans the entire magazine layout. There are 14 unique page layouts included in the template.

If you prefer a minimalist approach to your magazine design, this template will come in handy. It features a clean and simple cover design as well as minimal inner page layouts that use fewer colors and creative content formatting. The template comes in A4 and US Letter sizes with 30 different page layouts.

This InDesign magazine template is perfect for crafting travel, tour, and adventure-themed magazines. It features 28 unique page layouts that you can easily customize to change colors, fonts, and add your own images. The template also supports both older and newer versions of InDesign, starting with InDesign CS4 and higher.

At first glance, this magazine template actually looks more like a real magazine you’ve just picked up from the newsstands. It’s perfect for tech and entertainment magazines as it comes with many different styles of inner page designs. As well as a modern cover design. There are 14 custom page layouts in the template.

Magazine templates with multipurpose designs can be quite useful as they allow you to customize the design to make many different types of magazines. That’s why you should definitely download this template. It comes with 36 page layouts with beautifully modern and minimal design. It’s available in Photoshop and InDesign file formats.

MaxiMini is a free magazine template that’s been made with fashion and lifestyle magazines in mind. It features a set of minimalist page layouts featuring stylish paragraph styles and placeholders for images. There are 56 page designs included in the template with 2 cover designs.

Santal is an elegant magazine template you can use to craft stylish design and fashion magazines. It includes highly visual page layouts that allow you to show off your designs across many pages. The template comes in A4 and US Letter sizes.

Looking for a magazine template for an interior design or architectural magazine? Then this template is for you. It comes in multiple formats including InDesign and Affinity Designer as well as US Letter and A4 sizes. According to the designer, the template can be customized to create magazines for photography and portfolios as well.

If you want to take a unique approach to your magazine design by using a monotone color scheme, start with this magazine template. It features a vintage-style monotone design that actually adds a classy and high-end look to the magazine. The template includes 18 page layouts and it comes in Photoshop, InDesign, and Illustrator file formats.

Skrup is a modern magazine template that features a beautiful cover design as well as stylish inner page layouts. The multipurpose design of the template makes it suitable for many different types of magazines but it’s most suitable for fashion, interior design, and lifestyle magazines. You can customize it using MS Word, InDesign, and Illustrator.

This magazine template is perfect for art and design magazines. It’s also great for making brochures for design agencies and studios. The template includes 25 page layouts with highly visual designs. You can showcase lots of large images in style using this magazine template. The template comes in MS Word, Illustrator, EPS, and InDesign file formats.

If you’re only looking for a magazine cover design, this bundle of cover templates will give you multiple options to choose from. It includes 3 modern magazine cover templates with easily customizable layouts. They are made with business, lifestyle, and interior design magazines in mind. You can edit them using Photoshop.

Made with design magazines in mind, this free InDesign template comes with modern page layouts with colorful designs. It’s great for photography portfolios as well. The template can also be customized to change colors and text.

This free InDesign magazine template comes with 32 different page layouts. The template is made with business magazines in mind. And it allows you to easily edit each page to change colors, fonts, and text.

Whether you’re designing a travel magazine, lifestyle magazine, or culture magazine, this stylish template is perfect for all your needs. It features a creative cover design with more amazing inner page layouts. The template is also available in multiple formats, including InDesign, Illustrator, and EPS.

This magazine template comes with a simple design that allows you to highlight the content above all else. It’s made with interior design and architecture magazines in mind. You can also use it for fashion magazines and portfolios. The template includes 30 page layouts. It comes in Word and InDesign formats.

A beautiful photo magazine layout for making fashion, beauty, lifestyle, and design magazines. This template has highly visual page designs for showing off large images. It includes 34 different page layouts and comes in fully customizable Photoshop PSD files.

This is the ideal magazine template for making modern business magazines and brochures. The stylish page layouts and the cover design give it a very stylish look that will set your business apart from the competitors as well. The template is available in A4 size and comes in InDesign, EPS, and Illustrator file formats.

Another business magazine template with a clean and simple design. This template is great for both small businesses and corporate brands. It lets you choose from 12 unique page layouts with easily customizable designs. And you can edit the template using Adobe InDesign to change colors, fonts, and paragraphs.

Looking to make a cookbook or food recipe magazine? Then look no further. This free magazine template has a modern and beautiful design that’s made just for cookbook magazines. It includes 18 page layouts and comes in InDesign format.

Grab this template for free if you want to make a stylish fashion magazine using InDesign. It comes with fully customizable page layouts that feature trendy designs full of colorful shapes and visuals.

A creative magazine template you can use to craft magazines for various businesses and brands. It’s great for making a design magazine or portfolio brochure as well. There are 14 different page layouts included in the template. It’s available in InDesign and EPS formats.

This bundle comes with 3 unique magazine cover templates you can use with your existing magazine layouts. It includes covers for business, nature, and women’s magazines. Each template is available in PSD file format with fully customizable designs.

With this magazine template, you get to choose from 3 different styles of cover designs to create a minimalist magazine with a modern approach. The template also includes 30 inner page layouts that you can customize with InDesign.

You can use this template to create both portfolio brochures and magazines. It comes with 16 different page layouts with lots of space for showcasing photos and images. The template is perfect for photography magazines as well as portfolios.

Looking for more great templates? Then be sure to check out our best InDesign templates collection.

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