20+ Best Lightroom LUTs for Photography (For Stunning Photos)

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One of the most common misconceptions about photography is believing that you need to have an expensive camera to take better photos.

But if you’ve ever explored the Instagram page for iPhone Photography Awards, you’ll see how people around the world use the simple cameras on a smartphone to take incredible shots that win awards.

The secret behind these stunning photos, however, lies in post-processing. That’s where photographers use tools like Lightroom to improve the photos by enhancing certain adjustments and with vibrant filters.

Today, we bring you lots of amazing Lightroom LUTs and effects you can use to give new life to your own photos. There are many different kinds of LUTs in this list, including a few free downloads. Have a look.

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Explore Lightroom Presets

Add a vibrant and colorful filter inspired by Japan to make your photos look more colorful and beautiful with this big bundle of Lightroom LUTs. It includes 50 different LUTs featuring many different styles of color looks inspired by Japanese culture. The effects are available in both Lightroom presets and LUTs formats.

The LUTs in this bundle are designed with a bit of inspiration from Wes Anderson movies. There are 14 stylish Lightroom presets in this pack to apply the filters to your photos with just a few clicks. The effects come in LUTs file formats as well. Each effect offers 12 presets to customize the look to your preference.

Want to add a nostalgic retro vibe to your photos? Then this is a must-have collection of LUTs for you. With 50 different styles of color looks to choose from, you can mix and match these effects to create unique looks for your photography. The effects are available in both Lightroom presets and LUTs file formats.

Making your photos and graphic designs look futuristic with neon colors will be much easier when you have this bundle of LUTs at your side. It includes 20 unique LUTs that offer an advanced level of color grading to create cyberpunk-style looks for both portrait and landscape photos.

This collection of Lightroom LUTs is designed with urban street and cityscape photography in mind. These effects allow you to add a moody desaturated look to your photos. There are 24 different LUTs in this pack that offers various styles of effects and color looks. You can use the LUTs or Lightroom presets to easily apply the effects to your photos.

This is a free Lightroom LUT that features a very natural effect for enhancing portrait photos. It brings out the colors in your photos without making it look artificial or too vibrant. And that’s the perfect combination for professional photography.

Another beautiful color grading LUT for adding a warm sunny vibe to your portrait photos. This filter is most suitable for improving outdoor photos and it works with all popular photo editing apps, including Lightroom, Photoshop, and Affinity Photo.

This collection of Lightroom LUTs are perfect for enhancing your travel photos, especially bright sunny and beach photos. It includes 50 different color looks with beautiful filters that will add more color and vibrance to your images. Each effect comes in Lightroom mobile and desktop preset formats as well as LUT file formats.

If you’re looking for a filter to turn your photos into vintage Victorian-era photographs, this bundle of Lightroom LUTs is for you. These color looks allow you to instantly add a classic and luxurious look that will make photos look extra elegant. In the pack, you’ll find Lightroom presets for Classic and CC versions. Along with presets for Photoshop and Lightroom mobile.

Instantly give your photos a more colorful look with this bright and vibrant Lightroom LUTs collection. There are 20 unique LUTs in this pack designed to enhance the colors of your photos. They are perfect for smartphone selfies and outdoor portrait photos, especially for Instagram photos.

You can use the effects in this bundle to create dark and gritty photography. You get to choose from 50 different color looks to create stylish urban and desaturated looks for various styles of portrait and outdoor photos. There are Lightroom presets, DNG files for mobile app, and LUTs files in the bundle.

With this collection of LUTs, you can easily add unique and moody effects to your wedding photography. It includes 50 different types of LUTs with warm, retro, vintage, and many other styles of color looks. These LUTs are fully compatible with Lightroom, Photoshop, Affinity Photo, and various other apps as well.

This free Lightroom LUT is great for adding a vintage filter to improve your selfies and Instagram photos. It comes with a beautiful effect that enhances the look of your portraits without adding too much color.

Want to make your photos look like a scene from a fantasy movie? Then this Lightroom LUT is made just for you. It features a lush green effect that will work perfectly with nature and forest photography. And yes it’s free to download.

Another huge collection of Lightroom LUTs for improving your travel and outdoor photography. There are 50 color looks available in 5 themes. This pack includes LUTs in multiple file formats and they also come as Lightroom presets to help you apply the effects with just a few clicks.

This bundle comes with a collection of unique LUTs that allows you to add epic Red color filters to your photos. The effect is designed after taking inspiration from infrared film cameras that creates photos with similar effects. There are 50 different color looks in this pack for your to pick and choose from.

The Lightroom LUTs in this pack are perfect for improving your outdoor travel and nature-themed photography. These are specially crafted to help add a moody look to photos surrounded by forests and nature. They are available in Lightroom preset formats and LUTs file formats.

This collection of LUTs will help make your fashion and lifestyle photos look extra professional with beautiful color looks and effects. These effects are most suitable for improving portrait photos and selfies. There are 20 different LUTs in this pack.

Adding a classic nostalgic feel to your photos is a great way to make photos more memorable. With this pack, you can achieve that goal using 20 different color looks. These effects allow you to create nostalgic vintage looks for various styles of photos. They are available in Lightroom presets and LUTs file formats.

This is a free Lightroom LUTs and presets pack that features premium-quality effects for enhancing portraits. The free version of the bundle includes 5 cool presets and LUTs for you to experiment with.

This free Lightroom LUT allows you to add a subtle blue mist-like filter to give your photos a gloomy look. It works best with outdoor photography. And it’s compatible with many popular photo editing apps.

The presets in this pack let you add subtle matte film effects to make your photos look more professional and natural. There are 50 different effects that come under 5 categories. The presets are available as Lightroom presets, DNG mobile presets, and LUTs formats.

This is a unique bundle of Lightroom LUTs that allows you to add a dark apocalypse-like feel to your photos. With these effects, you’ll be able to create artistic effects for various creative photographs.

These Lightroom LUTs will help make your photos look more vibrant with beautiful neon colors. There are 20 unique filters in this collection that are perfect for enhancing cityscape and street photography.

How to Add LUTs to Lightroom

Adding or installing LUTs in Lightroom is a bit more complicated than using Lightroom presets.

Since the app still doesn’t support the .cube and other LUTs file formats, you have to use the Photoshop Camera RAW app to load the LUT, save it as a preset, and then load it into the Lightroom app.

It sounds overwhelming but it’s totally worth the effort.

Since we can’t include a detailed tutorial here, you can follow this step by step guide to see how the process goes.

How to Use LUTs in Lightroom

To use any LUTs to enhance your photos, go back to the Develop tab in Lightroom and expand the Basics menu.

There you’ll find a small icon with four small squares in the top-right corner. Click this icon to access your LUTs library.

Click on any LUT to preview and apply the effect.

Lightroom Presets

Adobe Lightroom makes it easy to organise and edit thousands of images and photographs. It’s trusted by photographers everywhere, and a key piece of software to know how to use as a designer. This series looks at how you can use Lightroom presets to create stunning end-results with your photos.

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