20+ Best DaVinci Resolve Lower Thirds Templates 2023

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Designing modern and professional-looking lower thirds in DaVinci Resolve is about to get much easier.

In this collection, we bring you some of the best DaVinci Resolve lower thirds templates with premium-quality designs for making lower thirds for all kinds of videos.

There are many different styles of lower thirds templates in our collection. Whether it’s a YouTube vlog, documentary video, news clip, or social media promo, there are lower thirds templates for all kinds of videos. The best part is you can download them all with an Envato Elements subscription.

However, if you’re low on budget, we included a few free lower thirds templates in this post as well. They are great for your personal projects. Check them all out below.

If you’re looking for a template to create cool and trendy lower thirds for your videos, this template pack is made just for you. It includes multiple lower thirds designs with stylish layouts, colorful designs, and cool animations. You can also easily customize them with DaVinci Resolve.

This bundle of lower thirds templates for DaVinci Resolve features creative designs. They use different styles of shapes as background to effectively highlight your lower thirds no matter what kind of scene is in the background. There are 8 different styles of lower thirds templates included in this pack with easily scalable and editable designs.

With this massive bundle, you’ll have plenty of choices for finding the perfect lower third for your video project. It includes more than 50 different lower third templates for DaVinci Resolve. Each template features attractive and colorful designs with fully customizable layouts.

A lower third with a minimal design is the best approach for making your videos look more professional. These lower thirds templates are perfect for that job. It features clean and minimal lower thirds designs that are especially suitable for business and corporate videos.

The lower third templates in this pack have vibrant and colorful designs. They are perfect for creative and entertaining videos. The templates feature cool animations and you can easily edit and customize the colors using DaVinci Resolve as well.

This is a free lower thirds template for DaVinci Resolve that you can use however you like. It features a simple and clean design with subtle animations. It has an animated intro with a motion blur outro.

This DaVinci Resolve lower thirds template is perfect for creating subheadings for your videos. It features an attractive line and drop animation that is most suitable for business promo videos.

If you want to mix and match a colorful design with a professional layout, this lower thirds template kit is great for you. It includes several unique lower thirds designs that use modern typography animations mixed with colorful backgrounds.

The lower thirds included in this bundle are all about gradient colors. They are perfect for making your lower thirds extra attractive. Of course, you’ll be able to edit the colors and change the fonts to your preference too. They can be easily customized with DaVinci Resolve.

Looking for a simple and clean lower thirds template? You’ve come to the right place. This bundle of DaVinci Resolve templates features modern lower thirds with simple designs. They are ideal for business videos as well as corporate promos. The templates are fully customizable as well.

If you’re planning on adding lower thirds to your YouTube videos to encourage users to share, Like, and comment on your videos, these DaVinci Resolve templates will come in handy. There are multiple styles of YouTube lower thirds templates in this pack for all kinds of purposes.

This bundle also includes lots of colorful and creative lower thirds for promoting your social media channels in your videos. It has templates for promoting YouTube, Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, and many other social media platforms. Each template comes in multiple styles of designs as well.

This free pack includes several great lower thirds templates for DaVinci Resolve Macros. The templates are very easy to use and you can also customize them to your preference.

Another bundle of free DaVinci Resolve lower thirds templates. These templates include colorful lower thirds designs with different styles of animations. You can use them for both titles and lower thirds.

This bundle includes some creative and attractive lower thirds designs for DaVinci Resolve. They are easily customizable so you can edit the animations, font, and overall design of the lower thirds to fit in with your brand. In addition to the 6 lower thirds templates, it includes 6 more title templates as well.

The DaVinci Resolve lower thirds in this pack feature a unique design where it uses black and white colors to create a minimal look and feel. It also includes space to include a photo alongside the lower thirds text. These are perfect for introducing people and characters in your videos.

The simple and clean design of these social media lower thirds makes them ideal for corporate and business videos. They will help you promote your social media pages in your videos in a very professional way. There are templates for all popular social media platforms.

Grab this bundle of lower thirds templates if you’re a fan of the classic block-style lower thirds designs. It uses colorful and classic designs for creating attractive lower thirds for your videos. There are 9 unique lower thirds templates included in this pack.

This collection includes many different styles of lower thirds templates for DaVinci Resolve. There are squares, triangles, and various styles of wild designs that will surely make your videos look more creative. The templates are also fully customizable so you can easily make them your own by changing colors, fonts, and design.

Getting more subscribers and shares for your YouTube videos won’t be a problem anymore when you have this bundle of DaVinci Resolve templates. It includes many different types of subscribe elements and lower thirds you can use to encourage your viewers to engage with your channel.

This is a simple DaVinci Resolve lower thirds template that features a cool animated radial design. It has a unique loading-style animation that will surely make your videos look more creative.

This free DaVinci Resolve lower thirds template has a simple text box design. It uses a quick and simple animation where the lower third just pops up to the right and disappears to the left.

5 Tips for Making Great Lower-Thirds

Creating lower-thirds may seem like an easy task but there’s a lot more thought involved in the process. Be sure to consider these tips when designing lower thirds for your videos.

Use a Professional Font

If you use a quirky-looking font to design a lower-third for a business video, all your efforts for creating the video will go to waste. It will simply make your video look less professional.

Remember to pick the font for lower thirds more carefully and find ones with clean and professional designs. You can check out our best condensed fonts collection for inspiration.

Keep It Simple

Don’t try to stuff your lower third with too much text. Keep it short and simple while offering additional information and context about a scene. That’s the main goal of creating lower-thirds, to add more to a scene in a video.

Use Mininmal Animations

You don’t have to use flashy animations for lower-thirds. You don’t want to take the viewer’s attention away from the video. So use a subtle and minimal animation for the lower third to make it appear without distracting the viewer.

Promote Your Brand

Lower-thirds should be designed in a way to represent your brand. Remember to use the colors, fonts, symbols, and logos that are appropriate for your brand.

Think About Size and Position

Choosing the right size and positioning it right on the screen are two of the most important parts of creating lower-thirds. Always make sure that the lower third is positioned in a way not to obstruct important parts of the video. And use the correct size. Not too small but not too large either.

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