20+ Best Business Email Newsletter Templates (With Modern Responsive Design)

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More than 300 billion emails are sent and received every day. But only a fraction of those emails get opened and read by users.

Although, getting people to open your newsletter is only the first step of the process. The design and the contents of your emails are also crucial to getting your audience to engage with your newsletters.

One of the best ways to grab user attention and boost engagement in email newsletters is to use modern and stylish email designs. That’s exactly what this post is all about.

We brought a collection of business email templates that you can use to create more attractive and engaging emails for your business newsletters. These templates are compatible with almost every popular email marketing software. Have a look.

When it comes to promoting your creative agency, email is going to be your biggest ally. Having a beautiful email template like this will go a long way to get your emails noticed by your potential customers. It features a modern and colorful design with sections for showcasing your portfolio, services, and more. It works with MailChimp, CampaignMonitor, and other email marketing software.

This email template is also designed with creative agencies in mind. It features many useful sections, especially for detailing your agency services. In addition, it has space for showing off your clients, portfolio, and more as well. The template comes in PSD and HTML formats. And it’s compatible with all popular email marketing apps.

If you’re looking for a colorful and visual-centric email template to craft a modern newsletter for your business, this template will come in handy. It has lots of placeholders for adding images as well as colors all throughout the email. The template is fully customizable and compatible with all email marketing platforms.

Using an email template with a responsive design is important when targeting users across multiple platforms. This email is fully optimized to offer a responsive experience across all browsers and devices. It features a modern design that you can use in iContact, MailChimp, and other software.

The clean and professional design of this email template makes it suitable for corporate and modern agency newsletters. It comes in HTML and PSD formats, allowing you to customize the design however you like. The template also includes lots of sections for promoting your brand, business, and services.

This is a free email template you can use to create a simple business newsletter layout. It has a responsive layout with customizable elements. And you can add your own content to the design to create newsletters for various types of businesses.

If you’re making a newsletter for a real estate business, this template is for you. It features a colorful and creative design with space to include links to your website and to promote your latest property listings. The template is free to download.

Just as the name suggests, this email template is designed to help generate more leads for your business. It features a modern and stylish layout with separate sections for promoting your services. There’s a total of over 20 different modules included. The template is suitable for both corporate and small businesses.

Whether you have an agency or startup, this email template comes with a very professional newsletter design to help make your brand stand out. It has a customizable layout where you can effectively showcase your business and brand with lots of visuals, icons, and colors. The template is compatible with MailChimp, CampaignMonitor, and more.

Another clean and modern email newsletter template for creative agencies. This one comes with a simple layout where you can focus entirely on creating effective emails for promoting your services. It has different modules that you can rearrange to create unique promo and newsletter emails.

If you have a small business related to restaurants, hotels, or even B&Bs, this email template is perfect for making emails to promote your business. It’s designed with restaurants in mind and it features a sleek and modern design. The template comes in HTML format and it’s compatible with all popular email marketing software.

The minimalist design of this email newsletter template makes it much more suitable for promoting creative studios and agencies. It will allow you to give the spotlight to the email’s content above all else. The template features a responsive design that looks great across all browsers as well as mobile and desktop devices.

This free email template has a basic layout that you can easily customize to your preference. It’s ideal for making newsletters for startups and eCommerce businesses. The template is fully customizable as well.

Another free email template for promoting brands and products. It’s especially suitable for product launch emails and promotional newsletters. The template can be easily customized to your preference.

Newsletters take a key role in promoting eCommerce businesses. They are perfect for promoting sales, discounts, and seasonal offers. With this email template, you can design all those promo emails and newsletters for your online store. It features a clean design with 19 different content modules. And the template is compatible with over 20 different email marketing software.

This email template is designed with marketing agencies in mind. It comes with a simple yet professional email layout where you can promote your services and brand. The template also includes customizable modules that are fully responsive. It’s also compatible with all popular email marketing platforms.

This email newsletter template features a complete setup for you to create emails for various types of agencies and small businesses. It comes with a drag-and-drop editing system where you can edit and rearrange content blocks to create unique emails of your own. You can fully customize the colors, fonts, and images as well.

If you want an email template that you can use to create many different types of emails and newsletters, this template is for you. It comes with more than 35 different content modules suitable for all kinds of business emails. You can use it to create promo emails for eCommerce shops, newsletters for corporate brands, agencies, small businesses, and more.

With this email template, you can create an attractive layout to promote your business events. It’s also perfect for promoting webinars and conferences as well. The template comes with 10 modules with customizable designs. It’s fully compatible with all popular email marketing software.

The high-quality professional design of this email template makes it hard to believe that it’s free to use. This template is great for making modern newsletters for all kinds of businesses and brands.

You can create a clean and elegant email newsletter for your corporate agency using this free email template. It comes in HTML format with customizable elements. The template features a fully responsive layout as well.

Spaice is a fully responsive email newsletter template you can use to design various types of promotional emails for small businesses. It features a clean and modern design with multiple content modules to choose from. The template also comes in PSD and HTML formats.

This email template is designed specifically for online stores and eCommerce businesses. It has 22 modules that you can rearrange to create fully custom emails to promote your products. It’s compatible with all popular email marketing platforms and software.

If you want to craft emails with simple and clean designs, this template is a perfect choice for you. It features a beautiful and minimal design with fewer distractions and more space for content. The template is responsive and it looks great across all devices and platforms.

For more great templates you can check out our best MailChimp email templates collection.

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